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A Handy Guide to Painting How you Want


Obviously, there wouldn't be different types of brush strokes if there weren't different styles of brushes. But how many of us really understand what using different styles of brushes does for our painting? How many of us can accurately describe what kind a stroke a filbert brush can give us compared to a flat style brush? Well, with a little bit of help from Jerry's Artarama, you will be a master of knowing which brush to use when! 

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  • Filberts- Flat brushes with domed ends. They allow for great coverage and the ability to perform some detail work.
  • Brights- Shorter than flats, Brights are flat brushes with short, stiff bristles that are good for driving thinner paints into the weave of a canvas. They also work well with thicker paints like impasto. Used in oils and acrylics. Used for oils and acrylics. 
  • Rounds- Rounds have a pointed tip with long, tightly arranged bristles meant for detail work and creating smaller details. Used for oils, acrylics, watercolor, alkyds, gouache,etc. Generally excepted for all media.
  • Flats- Long haired, with flat bristles, Flat Brushes are fantastic at spreading paint evenly and quickly over a canvas or panel. If you are laying down a base layer, using a flat will over your canvas very evenly. Used for oils, acrylics, watercolors and all types of painting.

Other popular brush types include:

  • Fans- Wide bristled brushes that are used for spreading paint widely and blending broader areas of your paint. Used in oils and acrylics
  • Angles- A lot like Filberts, Angle brushes are great for spreading paint with lots of coverage and can also be used for detailed work. Their bristles are shaped angular and cut down from one side. Used in watercolors and acrylics. 

You may also want to know that for fine artist brushes, short-handled brushes are commonly used for watercolor, while long-handled brushes are used for oil and acrylics. 

Now that you know a little more about the tools you use to paint, you can make educated decisions on what kinds of brushes you need to handle your artwork. You should explore your brush usage with our Creative Mark BOGO Brush Sale! Creative Mark brushes and brush sets are buy one get one free only through March 23rd, 2014. For full sale details, check out our sales page-only Creative Mark BOGO items apply.And remember, if you don't need two brushes or two brush sets, they make great gifts for other artists. Teachers, and Small Businesses can also benefit by this amazing sale-get your students professional grade artist brushes at an unbeatable price. Get double your moneys worth and save!

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