An Inspirational Journey


Reflections from Ira Goldstein, President of Jerry's Artarama


I love to travel and one of my favorite places to visit is New York City. This past weekend I made a pilgrimage to New York that included a stop at the Museum of Modern Art along with a visit to Soho both for artistic fuel for my soul and inspiration for my ongoing photography project. 

As I travel I love to collect. I collect small toys, interesting doodads, artwork and lots of photographic images whenever and wherever I travel, and this trip was no exception. I picked up a small metal toy bird that sits on a pile of blocks, a laser printed skull and some great handmade masks.

In addition I got to see and take some pictures  of the recently closed "Rain Room" at the MOMA as well as making a pilgrimage to some of my favorites from the museum's permanent collection including Van Gogh's "Starry NIght."

  Starry Night


The Rain Room, MOMA


Also along the the streets of Soho I found great street art, urban decay and a deep blue construction wall that originally had "POST NO BILLS"  painted every couple of feet on it, the original "Post No Bills" messages were transformed by someone or some group to express somewhat different messages.




Along the way I always ask myself what is art?. Is the "Rain Room" art? Are the altered messages on the blue construction wall I came by art? For me, both of these endeavors are definitely art and both were inspirational. My photography feeds on inspiration and for this I am very grateful to be a part of the art world which continues to amaze, surprise, and constantly inspire me to continue to move on. I like to think of myself as an artist as well as a photographer with an artist's sensibility. 

The images here shot both with my iPhone and my D-SLR are not actually a completed part of any of my photographic projects but are as I saw them along the road I traveled this past weekend. Do they represent art and inspiration for you? Only you can answer for yourself. Would you have picked them out as I had from the millions of impressions and objects I saw this past weekend? One of the things I take pride in about being an artist, is that I am also part of a creative community that shares their ideas and views. And that's just a wonderful part of being me!


-Ira Goldstein

Jerry's Artarama President, Photographer







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basha maryanska

Dear Ira,
Art is all about love and what you love is ART!
There is no other definition that would describe Art better!
So, what you collect is your Art.
Whatever Artist creare is Art. But it really becomes Art when somebody loves it and wands to have it!

See you right after my show in NYC and in Paris -  at WOAS!

Warm rtegards,


David Jackson

Sorry to hear the rain room is closing up, would love to experience that. My question would be 'is the helicopter from the old MOMA in the new MOMA?' Putting the helicopter in the rain room might be an interesting twist... especially if you fired up the engine to spray the rain around.

Art is that line between sanity and insanity, the space between the clouds, the entrance to the bridge to nowhere and everywhere, and the link between the stale and the possible. And on a good day you can see it from here.

If I'd been in NYC I'd visit the Met, the new WTC, gone to a Yankees game, eaten at least two hot dogs and a pretzel from a stand, had tea at the Plaza, gone to see Book of Mormon, and most likely spent time at the boat pond in the Park. After all, spent most of my NYC time there.

Art is the perfect discovery, a lifetime passion without the nagging knee injuries.

Susana Amber

Ira (& world) -
As a native NYer happily transplanted to Alexandria, VA, I totally understand your sentiments about the artistic process.  My creations are abstractions of my experience of life, so rather than packing them up in a box of interpretive text, I provide images in poetry and poignant or funny words since they form a better complement to the expansive nature of visual language.  onward...

Swimming in a sea of color,
I emerge as if there’s no other
force in the universe to contain
the visions of life tumbling ‘round my brain.
Purple majesties, amber waves,
magenta rules and crimson paves
the road to a world where voices are silent
and colors explode, some peaceful, some violent.
Bathed in color, dripping with glee,
shake off the excess; thank God it’s me.

Tumble; rumble; fumble; bumble; mumble, jumble, humble!
Enjoy life; enjoy art!

Susana Amber

by the way, the poem above is titled, "Splashing Seas of Color," ©2013 S.A. Gordon.

Virginia Kelley

This story captured my imagination like no other.  My son has always called me MoMA and insists on this spelling when he sends me flowers, etc.  I just recently learned that this museum was Nelson Rockefeller's mother's pet project, Mother's museum.  It seems so fitting.  

Your photographs were the perfect accompaniment.  How classic is the fence with the wonderfully poetic phrases?  Only in New York---and you gave it to us in a nutshell.

Thanks for sharing.

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