Matisse Derivan: The Company, The Acrylics, The Vision


Matisse Derivan, Australia's leader in Acrylic paints has long been special in the eyes of it's patrons. Since 1964, Derivan has been striving to offer not only a wide variety of high quality, high pigmented acrylics, but also be environmentally friendly and socially conscious. And from their humble beginnings starting out in Sydney's inner city to the Multinational company they are today, they still continue to reach that goal.

Pattersons Philosopy

Offering a unique take with their Matisse acrylic line, Derivan has done things a little different from most acrylic paint lines. They take special care to choose their pigments, and add in lots of them. Then, unlike most companies, they refuse to add extra gloss to their colors. The philosophy behind this, explains Derivan's President Steven Patterson is "to try and matte a glossy paint down means that you'll dull the intensity of the color", and why would you do that if you worked so hard to find the perfect color to begin with? The Matisse line also offers some of the most hard to find colors at the best valued price.

  • 96 Different Colors                                                                 
  • Several Unique Australian Colors
  • High Viscosity and Heavy Body
  • Perfect for large, expressive strokes


Giving Back

On top of being a giant in the Sydney art scene, Derivan is also very community focused. They don't add in any sort of fragrance or masking agents to their paints like some companies. The company also gives ten percent of their annual net profits to local charities, school sponsorships and art programs.

Environmentally, the company has taken many initiatives as Patterson believes that his employees "go home as healthy as when they came in". They have developed a water reclaiming initiative where they recycle their primary cleaning water. They also utilize the architecture of their manufacturing facility in a way that incorporates cross-breezes instead of air-conditioning and focuses highly on natural lighting instead of artificial lighting. On top of this, the company is even developing a bike to work program that Patterson himself takes place in. The company also wants their customers to participate in their program and has a mail in recycling program where the customers can return certain containers for re-use. The company encourages this by sending out fun prizes like bicycles for used paint containers.

The balanced philosophy of Patterson and Derivan to provide the finest quality acrylic paints as well as be both environmentally and socially responsible is proving why this company is not only the industry leader in acrylics, but one of the fastest growing global artist paint companies. And artists have responded extremely positive to this philosophy and their great products. Professional Artist Andy Russell had this to say:

"I use Matisse Structure Acrylics for a thick textured, bold impasto look and Matisse Flow Acrylics for the smooth, highly detailed results. They are also excellent for covering large areas...I am completely sold on Matisse Acrylics. I highly encourage every artist, professional or pleasure painter, to experience these paints for themselves."

We agree Andy, We agree!


The Man Behind the Best Acrylics Steven Patterson, President,

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Acrylic paints are very popular and Andy you have written this Blog very well. i would like to tak eyour services and I have also visited site www.colourisepainting.com.au. It seems to be genuine also.

Jerry Don Osborne

I am very pleased with your paint products. For not only the quality for my needs, however your prices are amazingly Affordable, where I find you have made your products so, through many various sales. Thanks to Jerry's Artarama by supporting your products, throughout their online, and instore support through imports and sales.
Your focus on environmental impacts with water management, and your bike programs are wonderfully amazing to me.
I could only wish to have another bicycle, after being without one for so many years, little money, and not much to trade.
Keeping our spirits high through your endeavours is great enough with me in all means. My blessings to the world of arts through thy goodness of gracious deeds indeed. Here in Austin,  Texas,

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