Congratulations to Dinah Langsjoen, our August Artist of the Month

When I was younger, which seems an odd thing to say for a 24 year old, I always said I was going to be an artist because I simply loved to create. It’s a beautiful and honest answer, but I’ve since realized that for

me there is more to it. When I am lost sleeve deep in paint for hours upon hours of creating, I realize that I am an artist because of being able to escape into my own blissful world. Art becomes a practice on happiness and fulfillment, where I am in charge of each stroke and each held in breath to stabilize my hand. I am able to choose the level of focus that each painting deserves, and thus each painting gets to show me how much I’ve grown. I give to Art, but Art reciprocates kindly.

Recently I have started to discover my abilities through abstract. I remember a particular painting that was going to be for a friend of mine. She told me what colors she was interested in, but allowed no more input. I was so nervous about doing this, about not being able to satisfy what she was looking for, so I asked her about what was going on in her life. She gushed about a new man in her life and how happy he was making her. I channeled that energy and excitement into my painting and tried to think solely on her happiness and how thrilled she was about him. I sometimes feel like a sponge who soaks up the emotions of my patrons and then twists them out on canvas. It’s beautiful, really, to be able to be so conscientious of someone’s life and to produce something that rings so true to them. When I am creating for others, I lose myself by empathizing with my paints. I envision my paintings to be an embrace between me and my patron, a moment locked in color and swirl that sings to the both of us about being understood visually. These creations are my brains way of telling my hands that this is what it FEELS like to see an emotion, a story in oil or acrylic that captures those thoughts and feelings that can’t be expressed through words.

I value all who create and cannot deny the desire to explore my skills within the realm of hyperrealism, impressionism, et al! My schooling at UW-Madison left me with a degree in Art History and has shown me that everything can be beautiful, unique and appreciated. I wish to encourage others with the Creativity Bug to explore daily, and not be discouraged by age, technical skill, nor experience! Emerge!




















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I really enjoyed this presentation.  I liked the fence most of all because I live in snow country.  Many of the other abstract ones I liked because of your use of color and composition.  Great job!

David Bahm

Wow! I absolutely love your style. I made one attempt at abstract art earlier this year, but will probably stick with my rustic, semi-realistic style.

mary Taitt

Very interesting and fun!  Enjoyed seeing these and reading about them.

Judy Espenscheid

Beautiful, Dinah!  Your work has power, interest and emotion.  And you write well too!
I'm ssssssoooooooo Jealous!
Keep up the wonderful work.

Conrad Garcia

great work: I wish I could afford one of your pieces.


What a wonderland of twists, turns and twirls!  I see so many little mystical creatures in your work.  I could look forever into your gentle stroking pathways.  Like faces in clouds.  It takes a very special soul to do your art. Thank you.   Joan

Sally Jurina

Appreciate it for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. "The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels." by Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Jerald Lassley

I will appreciate in the event you continue this in future. Lots of other folks might be benefited from your writing. Cheers!|

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Merely incredible! I understand you have actually placed a lot of effort into this as well as I really wanted to inform you exactly how happy I am! Hope you placed out also a lot more incredible things in the close to future and I will come back as well as review it!

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