How Daily Painting Can Make You a Better Artist by Mike Rooney

If you've been around the painting business any amount of time you've probably heard the term "daily painting." But you may be asking "what is that exactly?" and may be wondering what it could offer you.

Daily painting is a movement that started years ago and is pretty much attributed to an artist named Duane Keiser. It started when he would paint a small painting (around 6x8) and post it on Ebay and auction it off, every day. If you're familiar with the online art business today that doesnt sound so revolutionary but back before there were hundreds of thousands of artists selling online, that was revolutionary. Back then just about everybody was selling exclusively at shows or in galleries. To use the 'new' technology of the internet to sell art was unheard of. Not so today. Just google "art blog" and see what pops up!

Daily painters are artists who commit to paint a small painting everyday and post it online for sale. There are also daily painter 'galleries' that post their painter's paintings online every day of the week.

Now, how can all this help the budding artist? Lets look at the benefits of painting every single day.

What would happen if you were a marksman with a rifle and shot in competitions, but you never had any target practice. Same thing goes for painting daily. Think of daily painting as target practice. They'll ultimately help your larger paintings. If you're painting daily you'll also have lots of little paintings that you can sell cheaply (compared to your larger paintings). Start a blog and put them on there everyday. After several months start asking to get in some of the new daily painter online galleries and soon you'll have several dozen potential buyers looking at your work every single day. Selling work is all about marketing and daily painting is just one really successful way to do that. Now stop reading this and go paint one!


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I LOVE this idea!  What a great way to warm up and get going!  On my way to the studio!


Lots of helpful information here. I am finding it very interesting.I say just: " Thanks . God bless you".


You nailed it Mike.
Great,smart and so right.
Happy painting and a very happy new year, Irit


great tuning device
keeping it real
and fresh........thanks for the advice,now,
how to catapolt the momentum
from couch to easel?

Jerome Schmidthuber

I would give you 4 stars but I can't find link to give feedback on Jerrys like Ebay has. Daily painting is a good discipline and will make you a better painter, totally agree! The star you lost from 5 was technical. I looked at your Ebay (items and not just yours, everyones) and said to myself "What kind of cameras are they using? How much more in hock do I have to go for a camera to photo my artwork to get a decent photo on the web? I have a 3.3 Sony cybershot and it just doesn't seem to do it. Insofar as a blog; I still don't know what nor how to do it. So not only do you have to paint well, but have to be a webdesigner? I was still working with Designo: to draw is to design. Jerome


I would unquestionably provide ten out of ten for such incredible content.

pablo picasso

This post is really incredible, one of the most helpful I have ever read, indeed.

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