How to use Krylon® Gallery Series™ Quick Dry for Oil Paintings

Spray varnishes, fixatives and other art coatings are very easy to apply to your artwork, but before you point and spray, don’t forget to read the directions.  Fine art spray coatings can vary a great deal in how they are applied because they can vary dramatically in how they are made and what they do.  Reading the directions first will ensure you are happy with the results.

New Krylon® Quick Dry helps speed the oxidation process of oil paints so that a painting will dry faster.  It allows the oil paints to continue drying through the film. Quick Dry can be used at any stage of the painting process, so the directions call out several methods for using the product.

First of all, since you’ll be using the product during the creative process, you want to ventilate your studio. Ideally, it’s best to spray outside.  However, you fortunately do not need to spray much of this product for it to work, so it can be used indoors with ventilation.  When spraying inside, open windows and doors, use a fan, or use other means to ensure fresh air entry when you are spraying.  Don’t confuse Quick Dry with spray paint or spray varnishes – a small amount of misty spray is all that is needed so you won’t need to ventilate for long.  If you are still concerned, wearing respiratory protection is also helpful and most hardware stores sell a variety of painting masks.

Your painting should be sprayed in an upright position, and you can leave your painting on your easel while you are spraying.  If there are areas on the painting that you don’t want to spray, hold a piece of paper near those areas to block the spray.  Hold your can parallel to the surface of the painting about 10” to 12” away. For small areas, use very short light bursts of spray mist.  Again, not much product is needed to make the paint dry more quickly.  For larger areas, spray very lightly across the surface, from left to right, overlapping each pass slightly so no spots are missed. 

You can use Quick Dry like a medium in your paint.  Just spray a small amount directly into the oil paint on your palette and mix it in with a brush.  Lightly tap your finger onto the spray button and quickly release it.  You may need to do this more than once depending on the amount of paint on your palette. Using Quick Dry in this way improves both paint flow and dry time.

To prevent blending of colors and to add highlights on your painting, allow wet oil paint to sit for one hour at room temperature before lightly spraying with Quick Dry.  Wait 24 to 72 hours for the oil paint to oxidize before adding your next layer of

oil paint.  The time depends on the thickness of the paint layers.

When your painting is completed, you can also spray one light misty coat of Quick Dry to ensure the painting will cure faster.  This will help you transport your painting and sell it faster.  Quick Dry is compatible with Krylon Conservation Retouch Varnish, so you can apply a coat of retouch varnish at this point as well to unify the look of your painting if desired.  Additionally, when fully dry, your painting can be safely varnished.

Using Krylon Quick Dry will make you more productive by saving you time and allowing you to either sell or enjoy your paintings that much faster.  For professionals, that means you can work on fewer pieces of art at the same time because you’ll have more time for creativity.



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Liz van der Werff

Is it also compatible with Kamar varnish? I just picked up a can of Quick Dry because it looks interesting and I'm always sending out my paintings not quite dry Smile  Thanks for the info.


Yes, you can also use Kamar Varnish as your final varnish when the painting is completely dry and cured.


Is this archival or will it cause adverse effects as the painting ages?


As long as you follow the directions properly and don't use too much, you will be fine.  The product is archival quality.  You just need to make sure you don't apply too heavily.


I have used Quick Dry in both ways, that is mixing with the paint (instead of using linseed oil) & by spraying a light coat over layers. I have also used this with linseed oil in mixing. I found the best way to mix it with the paint is to spray a lot right into the can’s plastic cap until you collect a good amount (do this outside) & than transfer that to a sealable container. This makes it a lot easier to mix with paints. As for coating the painting after I’m done I spray a light coat on the piece once every other day for about a week. So far my paintings have been in as good a shape as when they were finished, but the oldest painting I have using this method was done in early 2010 so as of this writing it is only 3 years old.


Can this be used on  water-mixable oils?


HELP!!! I have been working on an oil painting for several months now, it is due in two days, I sprayed this product ony painting and set it outside to dry, minutes later it started to rain! I now have little rain drop marks all over my painting, will it go away?! Or what can I do to fix it?! I am letting sit over night in hopes of them go in away tomorow. Any advice? I'm in tears!

Rob of Jerrys Blog Squad

Hi Kori.
My advice is that you contact Krylon directly to talk to their technical department over the Quick Dry Product, to see what chemically occurred with the contact with the rain-- and see what might be able to be done to safely remove the raindrop marks without damaging your still-wet painting underneath.  Krylon's number us 1-800-4KRYLON (800-457-9566). You can also post questions direct to Krylon's facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/KrylonBrand

The issue is the product needs 10-15 minutes to even be dry to the touch, they recommend it drying 24-72 hours before even handling the work, so please, talk to the manufacturer's technical department so that the painting isnt damaged any further.


I've been searching for Krylon Quick Dry in Bangalore, India; but I haven't found any online stores selling it in India either. I got an email from a Krylon distributor but never heard back from him. He just asked me what I was looking for. Please help! We definitely want Krylon Quick Dry in India!

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