Possibility II by Cheryl Whitestone

Cheryl Whitestone      
Possibility II
5″x7″ Oil on Panel

On Exhibit and for sale at The Georgia State Botanical Gardens, Athens, GA

Reception January 16th – show runs through February 27th.

Everyday Magic~

Nature makes me happy and soothes me. I had wanted to do a painting of blue eggs, but did not have any visual references. I have found my work is much better when I can paint from life, this way I can study shadows, highlights, color and all the subtle nuances and details of my subject. Fortunately a pair of small grey birds decided to accommodate me. They built this nest complete with excelsior, pine straw and soft green moss they had gathered from the woods around my home. Then they laid these three beautiful eggs in the natural nursery that was nestled in one of the hanging ferns on my front porch. I got several great photographs of this while they were away looking for dinner. It is amusing to me that I had wished for this subject matter and these little birds accommodated me, as if somehow they were willing to cooperate so I could do this painting.

Recently after hanging the show at the Botanical Gardens, a group of us artists went to lunch. I was telling this story to a fellow artist who is also inspired by nature and she said she had experienced the same thing. I had told her the story of how I would be doing a mural and wanted to add a dragonfly, sure enough as I was sitting outside taking a break along comes my model, then proceeds to flaunt its beauty in front of me. It is as if this creature is more than happy to pose so I can immortalize its beauty for the rest of the world to enjoy. Has anyone else out there experienced this type of serendipity? Well I was very happy to know at least one artist had, and I was not completely off my rocker. Maybe artists just seem to notice things like that more. To see more of my recent paintings visit my other blog on at www.WhitestoneFineArt.blogspot.com

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