Pop Art Painting DIY – Using Acrylic Paints

DIY Acrylic Pop Art Painting

DIY Pop Art Painting- Acrylic Pop Art Tutorial

Designer:  Lindsay “The Frugal Crafter” Weirich
Media: Acrylic
Skill Level:  Beginner
Level of Difficulty:  2 (out of 5)

Supplies Needed:
Soho Acrylic Paint Set of 24 – # 86457
Soho Gloss Gel  – # 87656
Creative Inspirations Dura Handle Flat Brush – # 87620
Artist’s White Tape – # 11821
16×20 DaVinci Ultra Smooth Pro-Panel – # 88096
Pastel Pencils (or chalk) – # V05802
Acurit Knife SKU# 87301
Palette (Jerry’s disposable palette pad) – #65162
Plastic Shopping Bag (we don’t sell these 🙂

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Pop Art Painting Supplies


Project Steps (see video at end of steps)

Step 1 To begin make a design on your DaVinci Ultra Smooth Panel with artist tape. Where ever you place the tape it will remain white, this technique is called masking. I am taping a diamond shape but you can make any design you like. Make sure to press the tape down well . Tip: Use a craft knife to clean up and ragged tape edges.

Step 1


Step 2 Mix 4 parts Soho Gloss Gel with 1 part Soho Acrylic Paint to make a transparent paint. Note: We use Gloss Gel to thin the paint instead of water so it will dry slowly and bond to the panel.

You can use any of the colors in the set to make yours!

Step 2 Pop Art


Step 3 Crumple up a plastic shopping bag and dip it in the glaze and using a pouncing and swirling motion apply it on the panel over the tape.

Step 3

Step3 -2


Step 4 Use a Creative Inspirations Dura Handle brush to add lines, spatters and a border to your painting. Tip: You can add a bit of water to the paint to make spattering easier, never add more than 30% water to acrylic paint or it will weaken the bond of the paint to canvas.

Step 4

Step 4 -1


Step 5 Remove the tape to reveal your masterpiece! You can clean up any smudges on the white areas with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol if needed. NOTE: Remove the tape while the paint is still damp to ensure it doesn’t get stuck under the drying gel medium (it would make the paint and such potentially peel off when removing the tape)

Step 5


DIY Pop Art Painting Finished

Great Job.. Al Done – Now it is ready to hang and or display!

Pop Art DIY Acrylic Painting on Da Vinci Panels


See Video

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