Easy Guide To Photographing Your Art Like a Pro

Jerry’s LIVE Episode 66: Photographing Your Art Video

Episode #66: Artistic Self-Improvement, Ep 5: Photographing Your Art with Guest Will Campbell It’s your art that speaks for itself, right? Not always! Trying to get artwork into shows? Do you need good high-res images to approach galleries with? How about clear, crisp images for your website? Don’t forget a book to keep records of works created, for sale, sold, etc!

Although an accompanying tool to your actual artwork, a good image of it is JUST as important, since it is representing your creation in the best possible light.

The Production Manager for Burning Oak Studios, Will Campbell (known by some Jerry’s Live members as Goldfinger from our Extreme Art Supplies episode in 2017) is our own in-house professional photographer. He has graciously agreed to help instruct us on how to properly photograph artwork, using everything from cell phones to digital cameras. Join us for tips, tricks, methods, and aids that will help you provide the best advantages for taking great artwork images, yourself!

Supplies seen and used in LIVE Episode

Full Supply List Seen Here: https://www.jerrysartarama.com/teacherwishlist/view/index/id/7c2ae10ef461934ce443428f310eb212/

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