Paint on anything this Halloween, including your pumpkins with artist paints

Can I Paint on My Pumpkins with Real Artist Paint?
Answer is: YES! and make it the best pumpkin in the neighborhood!

Paint on anything this Halloween, including your pumpkins (no sharp blades, bandaids or bloody fingers required!), with our Turner Acryl Gouache Super Concentrated Artist Acrylics – the most vibrant, pigment packed acrylics we can get our hands on! Seriously, the black is so pigmented and matte, it’s almost like painting with velvet!

Pro tip: the luminescent colors will glow brightly under a black light for some spooky Halloween tricks and treats! (see below)

Great Surprise – Watch until the end for a glow in the dark blacklight effect!

Luminescent Colors

7 non-lightfast luminescent colors, Bright fluorescent color scheme. Adding highlights and reflective qualities.. so paint it on your pumpkins and see what happens! your Neighbors will be like. what is that!!

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