One Easy Trick To Being a Better Artist

How Using Negative Space Can Be Useful

using negative space

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Negative Space is the space that surrounds an object in an image. While we typically focus on how drawing a painting or object can improve an image, today we will focus on how not using this space can make us better artists. 

 While much of the time artists focus on the subject itself, by drawing or painting the space around the object you want to create, you can actually increase the accuracy and liveliness of the object by not constraining it to the shape or form that we recognize and give it. 

Next time you sit down to draw and paint off of a picture or model, look at the space and shapes around the object. This way, if you’re struggling with an object, for example, if you can’t draw a chair and can’t get the proportions correctly, you can draw everything around the chair to reinforce the negative space around the chair. This will give you the right space to draw the chair. This will turn the shape of the chair, something familiar, to something new

The more difficult the subject is, the more useful negative space can be. For example, when drawing a hand, the fingers and knuckles and nails can all be intimidating. All those factors can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you focus on the spot around the hand, and between the fingers, the shapes become much less complicated.

By using this trick, your art can greatly improve when you hit a roadblock and can’t figure out how to create a particular object with your work.

being a better artist
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