WOW! Make your Mark with High Flow Acrylics!

Make your Mark with High Flow Acrylics!

There has been an incredible innovation in acrylic paints and that is the NEW GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic Paint. A thin paint with an ink-like consistency, perfect for applications with calligraphy, painting or other crafts. Thin enough to go directly from the bottle into an airbrush, refillable marker or dip pen, this new paint is very versatile. 

GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics

Perfect With:

It’s also compatible with other GOLDEN Acrylics;

High Flow Acrylics are perfect for fine-detail paintings, washes, staining, airbrush techniques, calligraphy and illustration.

New Formula:

This new acrylic formula offers a new palette that includes many single-pigment colors, as well as new Fluorescent and Iridescent colors. So while it acts like an ink, it’s actually an acrylic and that means the colors will match their counterparts in GOLDEN Heavy Body or Fluid Acrylics and offer the same archival qualities you demand from artist-quality paint.

If you have used GOLDEN Airbrush colors in the past, the new High Flow Acrylics will be replacing the Airbrush line. If you enjoyed the airbrush paints, then you will definitely enjoy the High Flow Acrylics. Designed to offer the same superior performance through an airbrush, the new High Flow colors also inspire broader uses through tools such as dip pens, fine line applicators, refillable markers and home made “mops”-simple markers made with a small squeeze bottle and piece of felt. They work beautifully on almost any surface, including paper, canvases (raw or primed), board, wood, fabric and more!

Super-fluid, high intensity acrylic paint from GOLDEN

Innovative and New Features of the High Flow line:

  • Pigments vs Dye-High Flow colors are made with pigments that are proven to last, while many other markers and inks use plant-based dyes that are known to fade.
  • Water-based– Some graffiti markers use hazardous solvents like xylene; High Flow is water-based, low odor, and cleans up easily with water.
  • Archival Integrity-High Flow Acrylics are proven to last for generations, which is important when your art moves from the street into the gallery.

See the GOLDEN High Flow Acrylics in action with David and Jorden Doody!

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