Need a Cheap Vacation, Try Spain’s Genalguacil

The Small Spanish Village is offering free stay to Artists who will leave a sculpture!


A small village in Southern Spain is offering free residency for more than two weeks to any artists willing to create a sculpture there and leave it as art for the town.

It all started in the 1990s when the local mayor of this sleepy Andalucian village was looking for new ways to turn his sleepy little town into a tourist attractive locale. He came up with the idea to provide artists free stay and all of the necessary tools for artists to create beautiful and interesting works to decorate and adorn the town with during a two week “Art Encounters” festival taking place every other year.

The festival is meant to attract artists to gain inspiration from both the beautiful small town and the artwork left from previous festivals and for artists to contribute their own work.

Here are a few examples of previous festival’s works (via



This year’s festival runs from July 31st to August 14th where visitors can see works of art throughout the streets. Not a bad vacation in this blogger’s opinion.



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