My LIFE is art. ART is my life.

What is art? Even an art essay may struggle to fully define art. Being an artist isn’t just about putting pencil to paper, or brush to canvas & painting surfaces. Art can and does mean so much more than that, to so many people. Art is a way of seeing the world, a way manner of expression, oftentimes our need to create art feels like a compulsion. As artists,: we simply must create!

Art can and does mean so much more

Art may be a way to explore your world or your imagination. In this way, life is art. Art may inspire a beginning painter to take steps into learning a new medium, or an accomplished artist to experiment with a new technique. Art is teaching, art is learning. Art can be exciting, empowering, and an expression of love.

Art can be a challenge. Art can be: both frustrating and rewarding at the same time, leading to a sense of accomplishment — or a determination to do more. Art can be a message:  of politics, of peace, of brutality, or beauty. Art can be an escape, an idealization, or simply a means of play.

Art can be anything and everything you let it be!

Beyond what art is for the artist lays what art is for those who behold it. Countless art essays have been written about particular pieces of art. Interpreting and trying to understand the meaning of artwork can challenge even the most intuitive person.

Art may have as profound an effect on its audience as it does on the artist itself. Viewing certain works of art may evoke strong feelings or cause someone to consider something they previously never pondered. While an artist may have felt inspired when creating a piece, the finished piece may then inspire those who view it. 

So, pick up that art paper, that pencil, that paintbrush, that pastel, and let art take you where it will. Explore and experiment, do something different: draw a picture upside-down, paint en plein air, try a new medium you think you hate, make a collaborative piece with a fellow artist — push your boundaries! After all, life is art and Art is a way to grow as a person, so take advantage!

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What does art mean to you? Is it a hobby, a business, a journey, a passion — all of the above? At Jerry’s Artarama art supplies, art is our life. Come join us!

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