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We often get questions and comments related to “How To’s” from our customers. We decided to present them in this new area called “Art Tips“.

We have received so many fantastic Art Tips from many of our loyal customers and we put them online for others to try and enjoy.


Sent in by Renee – North Canton OH
While painting a area of the painting that is to be heavily textured, use salt. After the first application of paint, add a thick amount of salt to the area. Let it partially dry, then use your brush to add different colors to the area. Dab with your brush the areas you want to add colored texture. The dried salt absorbs the color and doesn’t spread it out. This is especially nice when painting bricks, trees, and other heavily textured areas. When I paint bricks, I leave the salt on the paper. It add a little sparkle and makes it come alive. – Renee, North Canton, OH

To make it fun and to say thank you for submitting your Art Tips we decided to run a contest and award the winner with a $250 Gift Card to shop at Jerry’s Artarama online. The “Art Tip” with the most votes will be awarded the $250 gift card to spend on their favorite Art Supplies on Jerry’s Artarama website. We randomly chose 8 art tips and put them up for community vote for all to try and vote on. Well…. we had over 720 votes and close race to finish:

The 8 Finalists in our first Art Tips Contest were: Jillian From NC, Lorrie from Kalamazoo MI, Hilda from Provincetown MA, Kali From Reynoldsburg OH, Linda from Houston TX, Renee from Canton OH, Robin from Pal Harbor FL, Jan from Indianapolis IN,

Jillian – Cary NC (34): 5%
Lorrie – Kalamazoo MI (104): 14%
Hilda – Provincetown Ma (21): 3%
Kali – Reynoldsburg Ohio (6): 1%
Linda – Houston TX (60): 8%
Renee – N. Canton, OH (208): 29%
Robin – Palm Harbor FL (220): 31%
Jan – Indianapolis IN (67): 9%


The winner of the $250 Gift Card was Robin – Palm Harbor FL and here is here is where the story gets interesting, please read on…

The Winning Art Tip:

Sent in by Robin of Palm Harbor FL
If you are having a hard time with your foreshortening or perspective, Turn your canvas and the photo you are working from upside down! You will see the correction right away! (this works for drawing as well) –
Robin, Palm Harbor FL

Robin is a professional artist but she volunteers at a neighborhood Adult Day Care Center whose needs range from dementia to physical issues making it difficult for their families to take care of them during the day. She was excited to win the $250 Gift Card to help buy art supplies and art materials , particularly easels to help make painting easier for them. We are delighted to provide a way for our customers and friends to help make a difference through art in the lives of the many that they encounter every day. Our many thanks to Robin for being apart of Jerry’s Artarama and affording us the opportunity to participate and be apart of her life in some way. We are anxiously waiting those pictures she promised 🙂

We receive many submissions and will posting them online shortly so keep sending them in. Click here to read all the Art Tips and stay tuned for our next contest.

Thank You

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VP of Internet Marketing



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