Matisse and SoHo Fall 2014 Painting Contest Winners

Let’s give a big hand for our winners!

After much deliberation, we finally have our winners for our Matisse Derivan 2014 Fall Painting Contest and our SoHo Urban Artist 2014 Fall Painting Contest! With our many yearly contests, Artists have the opportunity to share their art with the world as well as gain fabulous prizes from Jerry’s such as Jerry’s Artarama eGift Cards.

So without further ado, here are our winners for each contest.

First Place

by Katie Hofacker

“I love using Matisse Acrylic paints! I have not found another paint that can rival this brand. The ease of use and vibrant colors are second to none. I would recommend Matisse acrylic paints to any acrylic artist out there!”

Second Place Winner

“Purple Clematis”
by Mary Hertler Tallman

“Matisse Flow Acrylics are fantastic! I chose to work on a non-traditional ground of quilted fabric to create my painting. I was so pleased with the paint’s performance. I could mix my colors and values with great ease and with an anticipated outcome. I recommend Matisse without reserve.”

Third Place Winner

“Pumpkin Patch”
by Karen Ahuja

“I enjoy using Matisse acrylic paints because of their unique color palette. Some of my favorite Matisse colors that I have used in the ‘Pumpkin Patch’ are Australian Salmon Gum, Alpine Green and Metallic Copper”

First Place

“The Last Whiskey”
by Ruben Calle

“The Soho Oil paints give a professional look to my paints and they have a very rich pigments and they have an affordable price.”

Second Place Winner

by Yampier Yampier

“I recommend SoHo because it has a very good quality in all its products. The oil painting of SoHo, is brilliant in its colors, and the white has a very high quality for color mixing. The oil colors are quick drying and have a wide variety of pigments. And it’s very affordable.”

Third Place Winner

“Mya, Age 6”
by Heather Moritz

“I started oil painting in 2009 and was looking for an oil paint that was affordable but yet high quality. I found SoHo on and bought a few colors. I fell in love with SoHo oils and still use them! I love the consistency of the oil paints. It isn’t terribly thick and spreads on the canvas very well. The color is reliable in every tube I have purchased and they last a long time in the tubes. My 13 year old daughter is even using them now in her paintings! SoHo makes affordable, yet high quality products that allows me to do more with artwork!”

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