How To Make your Art Available in the Internet Age

Tips on why you should make your art digital today!

In the internet age we live in, many artists are going digital. With a simple Google search, we have access to more works of art than ever. And by putting artwork online, artists can gain many benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Find potential buyers
  • Make digital copies to keep your art safe
  • Share your artwork with others
  • Look at your artwork in new ways

First, it allows you to share your artwork with others. Whether you are trying to sell your artwork online, gain exposure and notoriety, or just share it with your friends and family, making digital copies for online distribution is a great idea. With a digital copy, you can crop, shade, lighten, or find some way to optimize your piece of art and share it the best way possible when you cannot see it from the easel in real life.

Having these copies on your computer will also save you time when you need to send a picture of your piece for a perspective buyer or possibly for a contest.

Many Jerry’s Artarama artists know this too well and have entered our many art contests online we have all the time. The recent winner of our 2013 Charvin contest was very aware of this when he won with this piece:

Charvin Oil PAints Contest Winners

Putting your artwork online also allows you to look at your artwork in a different way. It can shed new light on what your strengths and weaknesses are. Want to learn about your use of shadows or how light penetrates your body of work? Put any piece of art through photoshop and find out which way your painting or work of art looks best when not shown on an easel or framed.

To learn more tips, tutorials and lesson you can always use our FREE Art Lessons Online section filled with videos, and much more to help guide you in this process we call “Creating Art”!

This will also let you judge your art in a new way so that you can learn from it when you create future works of art. 

Adding your artwork to a digital network is also a great way to protect it in case of theft or environmental factors like fire or flooding destroying your art. And if you are worried about  any sort of online theft, there are many ways to protect your art online as well. You can add watermarks over your image making it harder for any thief to steal the image. Another option would be to disable right clicks from your website or photo sharing site you have posted on. This will stop people from being able to “Save Image” from their computers, protecting your artwork. 

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