LUKAS 1862 Oils: A Letter From Jerry’s President

Compromise on cost, not quality!

As many of you may know, this year is LUKAS’ 150th Anniversary!  Founded in 1862 by Dr. Franz Schoenfeld, LUKAS has been making professional paints ever since, and are internationally recognized as a top artists’ color maker.  Using only the finest pigments, binders, and milling methods, LUKAS colors are used by professional and amateur artists the world over.


Ira Goldstein, President of Jerry’s Artarama, has written a few words to you about LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors, the flagship line of this unique paint brand:

Classic oil colors were made using the finest pigments in full concentration with no fillers. They were ground very well and used only the purest linseed oil as their vehicle.

Over the years there has been a proliferation of student quality paints masquerading as artists’ colors, when in reality they do not produce the finished result of classical oil colors.

It is our desire that our customer uses the highest quality art materials. So we have worked with world-renowned paint manufacturer LUKAS to be able to offer you 1862 Oil Colors at a price that anyone can afford.

Please read the product reviews for 1862 Oils on our website from artists of all skill levels, professionals and educators.

If you are an educator, please contact me and I can arrange samples for you of this wonderful paint.

Wishing you a pleasurable painting experience,

Ira Goldstein
President, Jerry’s Artarama

Clearly, we think LUKAS is such a great line and are sure you’ll love it! But don’t just take our word for it: Vincent van Gogh was a fan of LUKAS professional oil colors, as he stated in a letter to his brother Theo.  But van Gogh isn’t the only fan — since Jerry’s brought this revolutionary artist paint line to the US, customer reviews from artists of all skill levels have simply poured in!


Here are just a few reviews on LUKAS 1862 Oils, from artists like you:

  • “I use LUKAS 1862 oils exclusively. I work with paint directly out of the tubes not using any mediums. I do the majority of each piece using painting knives and really enjoy the blending ability of LUKAS paints; LUKAS paints can be blended into subtle shades because of their heavy pigment load and their creamy consistency. The other major plus for me is that the paint is touch dry in 2-3 days allowing me to continue to add to my works without disturbing the underpainting. I have no negative issues with LUKAS 1862 oils, thank you and keep up the good work!”
  • “I am an artist who specializes in realism and dabbles in abstract. This line of paint has a great feel and saturation rate at a good price. I would recommend it to anyone.”
  • “I have used LUKAS artist quality (LUKAS 1862) for several years and it has never disappointed. LUKAS paints are the same from batch to batch, i.e. a new tube of a color is the same as my ‘old’ tube. And the price is a BIG PLUS.”
  • “I am a colorist by nature. Either I have suddenly truly mastered color separation and placement or these paints are more brilliantly colored, more intense, more reflective than those I’ve used in the past. I suspect the beeswax has something to do with this but can’t prove it. I love them and do not expect to return to purchasing other oil color brands but will simply use up what I have left by adding LUKAS painting butter. I also love the fact these act and feel like real oils, working wet in wet, but dry in a few days. As I work primarily alla prima this is an excellent match for me and speeds up my production schedule!”
  • …and so many more online!

Have you used LUKAS 1862 Professional Oil Colors? Do you think you might now? Tell us your thoughts, regale us with your experiences, and share links to your art done with LUKAS oils in the comments below!

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