Drone Art Adventure- Made By Lisa Marie and The Outbound Life

lisa marieHey guys I’m Lisa, with Made By Lisa Marie. Art and adventure go hand in hand for me. Last fall, I had the opportunity to explore the Pacific Northwest and make two oil paintings on site of some very famous landscapes. Here’s the catch: my personal assistant for these paintings was a drone (a DJI Inspire 1 to be exact). I know you’re probably thinking: how do drones and oil painting go together? Well, by partnering with the adventure filmmakers The Outbound Life, we were able to create a short film for the world’s leading drone manufacture, DJI, to show how an artist can fly a drone to capture a unique aerial perspective to use as a reference to paint from.

So often we see the same perspective when looking at paintings of scenic landscapes. Seeing the same image over and over again can cause a breathtaking view to become stale and lose its sense of wonder because we’ve seen the image so many times. Take Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, OR.

cannon beach

It’s a widely recognizable image, due to the many photos and paintings of the Rocks emerging from the water with the artist’s perspective taken from the shoreline. I was able to “refresh” the view of this famous landscape by flying a drone past Haystack Rock and over the Pacific Ocean, about 100 feet in the air, and take a picture of the back of Haystack Rock to create a composition that only birds and low flying planes have seen. After snapping the photo from the sky, I flew the drone back to shore and uploaded the photo onto my laptop to use as a reference to paint from.

haystack rock

I set up my travel easel on the sandy shoreline so that I could incorporate some still life painting practices by referencing the colors in real life, while using the photo’s composition for an aerial perspective painting.

I used this same method to do an aerial perspective painting of Mt. Hood at Lake Trillium. I flew the drone over the middle of the lake about 200 feet up in the sky before snapping a photo to paint from.

mt hood

I then uploaded the picture onto my laptop to use as a reference for an aerial perspective composition and set up my travel easel at the base of the lake. I loved being able to bring my supplies with me to paint on site at Trillium Lake because it not only allowed me to reference the colors in real life, but I was also able to interact with nearly 80 curious hikers along the trail and share my story with them.

In order to make this project work, several companies came together to partner with our team. Jerry’s Artarama provided all of the art supplies for me to work with, including the Paris French Travel Easel

jerry's artarama

lisa paints



In addition to partnering with DJI and Jerry’s Artarama, we were also sponsored by Manfrotto (camera gear and tripods), RODE Mic (Audio gear) and Dick Hannah’s Dealership (2016 Jeep Rubicon). Overall, it was an amazing adventure and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends!

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