Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarship

Supporting the Fine Arts.  Believing in You.

For over 60 years, Krylon® has been the choice of fine artists for the preservation of priceless artwork.  We’re proud to be their choice.  Now it’s our turn to make a choice.  A choice to ensure the future of fine arts remains strong.  And for that, we choose you.

In an effort to help you with the soaring costs of tuition while contributing to the fine arts establishment, we’re awarding five scholarships to future fine artists and giving ten students a gift pack of Krylon® art supplies:

• Five $1,000 Krylon® Clear Choice Art Scholarships.
  Complete with a gift package of Krylon® Artist Sprays and Adhesives.  In addition, the art program at each winner’s school will receive a $500 grant and a large gift package of Krylon®        Artist Sprays and Adhesives.

• Ten students and their schools will each receive gift packages of Krylon® Artist Sprays and Adhesives.


The very first Krylon® products were clear protective acrylic coatings used in the commercial art business?  Krylon® Art Fixatives, Varnishes and Clear Coatings provide the highest quality of protection to your artwork.  Visit product selection to learn more!


Do you think you have what it takes?

Click here for 2011 Krylon® Clear Choice Scholarship applications and information.  Deadline: April 30, 2011






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