June 4 Update!

Yesterday, I sent follow up letters to the vendors. This gives them information about shipping in skids of art supplies to our Henderson warehouse. This is where we stage all the art supplies that are shipped in by the truck load for the show. The letter also provides information about our merchandise transfer system, hotel information, confirms their space requirements and provides information about advertising in the AOC brochure and Web site. Next on the agenda is firming up the remaining vendors, then sorting out all the artist information that I have been filing on my computer for the past couple of weeks. It’s sort of like doing a Sudoku puzzle. I have a certain number of rooms and times that workshops are taught. I have artists’ wishes as far as time frames and days go. Sometimes I wish I could put all the info into a magic box and the schedule would come out and be perfect! Then I have to think about things like trying to keep the same sort of mediums in each room as well as the same sort of set up, so we can get everything in place between classes, like cleaning up and changing the plastic on the tables and water, etc. So much work and so little time! Just over five months to get it all planned out. Yikes!
Okay, time to get back to planning…
– Sharon DiGiulio


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