Art Keeps the Ball Rolling During the 2014 World Cup

Special Painting Commissioned for World Cup 2014

In the spirit of a special event such as the FIFA 2014 World Cup bringing the world a little closer over a love of Soccer, Jerry’s Artarama decided to commemorate the event with a painting by one of Jerry’s own resident artists and product tester Amy Gardner Dean

painting of FIFA 2014 World Cup

Los Colores Del Futbol by Amy Gardner Dean

Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

Just as the World Cup brings together teams from countries all over the world and unifies them under the goal of a world wide Soccer Tournament, Jerry’s Artarama‘s goal is a similar one: to bring together paints and art products representative from all over the world. 

The soccer ball in the piece titled Los Colores Del FutbolĀ represents the globe with different countries represented and highlighted by their patron paint purveyors. Each section represented with a different country’s flag is painted with a different brand of paint carried by Jerry’s Artarama from that country. The painting itself was a mix of acrylic paints on Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper.

Represented Paint Brands Include:

1. USA- SoHo Urban Artist Acrylics 

2. Australia- Matisse Structure Acrylics

3. Germany- LUKAS CRYL Studio Acrylics

4. France- Charvin Extra Fine Acrylics Paints

5. Japan- Turner Acryl Gouache

Jerry’s Artarama has a long history of searching the world over for the best art supplies on the planet and we will travel any distance to bring our customers amazing value and the best performing products and supplies. Although, it is when the world comes together for an event like this that true cultural exchange occurs and for a brief moment, the world becomes unified with friendship, good affection for one another and friendly competition. 

To learn more about the World Cup and artwork commemorating it from all over the world, be sure to check out our own Splatter article 2014 World Cup Art

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