James and Jennie

James & Jennie Morris like any normal couple, met, married and started a life together.   Their happy life together hit a snag when Jennie was involved in a major car accident.  In May of 2006, a reckless driver, with multiple prior incidents; hit Jennie’s car at such a velocity that Jennie’s seat was broken and she was pushed thru her seatbelt.  On that day in May, Jennie’s life was changed forever.  The accident left her with several injuries in her back, neck and shoulders.  After that day, two weeks after the accident that same driver had a few more incidents.

Even though that day changed her life, she did not let it stop her.  She worked very diligently for 16 months to get a law passed called “Abatement of Vehicles – Scofflaws”.  This law has been signed and is now statewide in Alaska.  It’s a law that if a person has multiple traffic violations that are not parking tickets, and equal more than $1,000 the violators car is immediately impounded if pulled over.  Even though this law was passed, it will never make up or change what happened to Jennie that day.

Since that day the Morris’ have been in legal litigations and finally after waiting almost 4 years received compensation for the accident.  They had to pay a lot of her medical expenses out of pocket and might possibly have to pay for her own surgery.  Because of the enormous amounts of medical bills, every month they have to choose which bill they must pay.

James, the loving husband to Jennie has been there and helped her thru everything since that day, is an artist.  His artwork is amazing!  He works with inks and airbrushes.  Some of the paintings he has done look surreal.  They have never been to New York or known anyone connected to the tragedies with 9/11/01,  but James sketched and designed an amazing picture to commemorate that day.    The print known as “Eternal Grace” is a sketch that came to him in a vision given to him by God.  The prints sold during 11/12/01 thru 5/1/02 and the money they raised from the sales was 100% donated to foundations helping charities.

The Morris’s were not asked to, nor did they have to donate all the proceeds from this picture but they did.  This couple I would love to describe as selfless, kind, thoughtful and angelic.

I write this to show the art world the kindness this couple has, and the talent that James has.  I appeal to the art world to help this couple, share their story and spread the word of James art work.


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