Introducing the DaVinci for Dogs Art Instructional DVD

Teach That Pooch To Paint!


Introducing the Revolutionary New DaVinci For Dogs Instructional DVD:


This Jerry’s Exclusive is the best and ONLY chance for your dog to learn all the fundamentals of painting. We found the world’s best painting dog, Dog-Vinci and filmed him painting. This dog is not certified, nor has ever taught an art class in his 3 years of life, but we filmed him anyways! We even gave him a cute little easel to paint on.

In this exciting 20 minute DVD, your dog might learn:

  • Color Mixing… for the color blind
  • Tonality
  • Creating Juxtaposition between light and dark
  • Brush Stroke Basics
  • Signing your Paw Print

Will your Rover be the next Rembrandt? Order your DaVinci for Dogs DVD today and find out!


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