Introducing the Brand New ExcerEasel

Get A Running Start with Your Art!

Brand new and exclusively from Jerry’s Artarama, it’s the ExcerEasel!


Designed for the time constrained artist who want’s their body as beautiful as their art.

With exciting programs like “18th Century Realism Run” and the relaxing “Saunter through Impressionism“, this machine will introduce you to a whole new way to create art and burn calories at the same time. With a handy shelf for your paintbrushes and sweat towels, you’ll never be out of reach for whatever you need. Just don’t mix up your water bottle with your brush cleaning water!

I’ve always found my artistic inspiration from exercising, now I don’t have to wait till I’m home from the gym to start painting!“, said Rex Burlaman, satisfied customer. 

Get yours today and get “A Running Start on Art!”

Now sold exclusively at Jerry’s Artarama

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