Introducing the 5 Million Dollar Paint Brush Now at Discounted Price

Get the fanciest brush in the world now on sale!

Introducing the 5 Million Dollar Brush now exclusively at Jerry’s Artarama! For the first time ever, your brush can speak for as much taste as the paintings in your mansion.

Made from over 500 .83 carat ideal cut round diamonds and exclusive kolinsky sable hair, this brush will paint as smoothly and evenly as Divinci’s own brushes, but will make Divinci’s brushes look like trash.

Paint fantastic oil creations in style. These brushes excel at plein air painting and are perfect for all kinds of sunny and bright weather, whether on your own private island or a jaunt down to Monaco.

Do your friends have diamond encrusted Mercedes, cell phones or headphones?


Make them jealous with the ultimate artist accessory. And for a limited time only, it’s on sale for only 3 million! On top of Jerry’s Artarama’s already low discounted prices, we’ve decided to slash the price down to only 3 million dollars! Thats a HUGE SAVING of 2 million dollars. 

We wanted to design a brush for the more pretentious and discerning artist. This brush is only for people truly invested in art, like myself” commented Lord Edley Haversham, Designer of the brush and owner of several famous artistic masterpieces.

The brush is currently only available for use with extra fine oil colors. Diamonds are currently being mined for new brush lines for acrylic and watercolors.

Available Now!

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