How To Clean Oil Paint Brushes

How to clean your paint brushes after using oil paints!

Your art brushes are your tools and we want to help you preserve and use them after use from oil painting!

We often get asked frequently asked questions about cleaning oil paint from brushes, what’s the best to use, how to clean them and how to preserve brushes for prolonged use as artists will also use oil painting solvents to clean brushes and other painting tools.

Cleaning oil paint from artist brushes requires thorough and careful cleaning as well as the right solvents or soaps to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the brushes

See simple tips, techniques and products that will help you clean oil paint from your brushes plus preserve your brushes for longer use which can be seen in the video along with solvents show here in this article to help you clean oil paint out of your brushes for prolonged use.

Watch the Video To Learn Now: How To Clean Your Oil Paint Brushes & Top Sellers for Brush Cleaning Supplies Seen Below

Supplies To Clean and Preserve Oil Painting Brushes

Supplies Used in this Video

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Chelsea Classical Studio Lavender Brush Cleaner
A Safer Natural Alternative To Turpentine That Actually Smells Like Lavender!


Made from 100% natural distilled fruits and flowers, featuring lavender, Chelsea Classical Studio’s Lavender Brush Cleaner is a safer natural alternative to turpentine, petroleum mineral spirits and other toxic solvents.

Chelsea Classical Studio Lavender and Olive Oil Soap – Easily clean and preserve your brushes!

All-Natural, Handmade Soap To Clean & Condition Brushes!

This brush soap is handmade with only all-natural ingredients including olive oil and lavender which also gives off a pleasant aroma in the studio. Don’t use harsh chemicals when you can use cleaner, healthier cleaners that are great for your health as well as your paint brushes.

All-Natural, Handmade Soap for Brushes!

SoHo Artist Studio Wipes – Brushes, Paints 

Clean Up Oil, Acrylic and Other Paints With These Non-Toxic and Biodegradable Studio Cleaner & Paint Remover Wipes


40 disposable cleaner wipes in each container
Disposable, pre-moistened wipes
Clean wet varnish, acrylics, oils & more

Da Vinci Air Tight Brush Washer


With 500ml capacity!
Made of stainless steel, this brush washer is designed to take 500ml (over a pint) of solvent and have plenty of room for sediments that might fall below the interior cleaning grate.

Jerry’s Water Bucket – Specially made for Jerry’s


Works in the studio or class room, but resilient enough to go out on any painting adventure you might encounter!

Two deep half-size water basins (removable)

Handle holds brushes upright, Palette with 16 wells

Stainless Steel Brush Washer and Dryer


Brush washer and dryer in one- The perfect combination!

Spiral brush holder suspends brushes tightly, Does not crush or deform the brush tip

Includes dryer rack and removable cleaning grate

StudioSolv™ Odorless Mineral Spirits


Purified Odor-Free Solvent For Thinning Oils

After you clean your brushes remember

  1. Shape the bristles: After cleaning, gently reshape the bristles with your fingers or use a brush comb to remove any remaining paint or soap residue trapped between the bristles.
  2. Dry the brushes: Shake off excess water and gently squeeze the bristles with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible. Lay the brushes flat or hang them upside down with the bristles facing down to air dry.
  3. Avoid storing them upright as it can cause water to seep into the ferrule and damage the brush.


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