How Do I Clean An Oil Paint Brush?

Products Used in this Video

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Chelsea Classical Studio Lavender Brush Cleaner
A Safer Natural Alternative To Turpentine That Actually Smells Like Lavender!

Made from 100% natural distilled fruits and flowers, featuring lavender, Chelsea Classical Studio’s Lavender Brush Cleaner is a safer natural alternative to turpentine, petroleum mineral spirits and other toxic solvents.

Chelsea Classical Studio Lavender and Olive Oil Soap

This brush soap is handmade with only all-natural ingredients including olive oil and lavender which also gives off a pleasant aroma in the studio. Don’t use harsh chemicals when you can use cleaner, healthier cleaners that are great for your health as well as your brushes.
All-Natural, Handmade Soap for Brushes!

SoHo Artist Studio Wipes – Brushes, Paints 

Clean Up Oil, Acrylic and Other Paints With These Non-Toxic and Biodegradable Studio Cleaner & Paint Remover Wipes

40 disposable cleaner wipes in each container
Disposable, pre-moistened wipes
Clean wet varnish, acrylics, oils & more

Da Vinci Air Tight Brush Washer

With 500ml capacity!
Made of stainless steel, this brush washer is designed to take 500ml (over a pint) of solvent and have plenty of room for sediments that might fall below the interior cleaning grate.

Jerry’s Water Bucket – Specially made for Jerry’s

Works in the studio or class room, but resilient enough to go out on any painting adventure you might encounter! Dimensions: 4½ inches tall by 5½ inches in diameter



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