Holiday Art Supply Wish List for the Acrylic Painter

Need Help Finding the Perfect Gift? Jerry’s is here to help!

If you are searching for the perfect gift for the first time to the experienced Acrylic Painter, Jerry’s Artarama is here to help you out with a simple guide to help you find the best deals, packages and products to please your artist this winter!

For the Beginner:

If you know of someone who wants to try painting for the first time, acrylic paint is a great way to start. They are one of the most popular paints for artists and crafters and great for everyday projects. Acrylic paint is made much like any other paint as it is a simple combination of ground pigment and a binding agent. Since they are water based, they are easy to clean out of brushes and dry faster than oil paint does. 

If you’re not sure where to begin, a great place to start is with the SoHo Urban Artist Really Complete Acrylic Painting Set. This set includes everything you or your artist needs to get started with acrylics and includes the following items:

  • 24 (21ml) tubes of student quality SoHo artist Acrylic Colors
  • 1 100ml bottle each of gloss and gel mediums
  • A “Basics of Acrylic Painting” DVD
  • A double plastic palette cup
  • 5 plastic palette knives
  • 5 pack of 12″x16″ SoHo Painting Boards
  • 30 sheet 12″x16″ disposable paper palette pad
  • and A walnut finished Van Gogh Table Easel


For the Impasto Artist:

If you’re looking for a gift for the artist who likes to work with a heavy body and high viscosity acrylic, Matisse Structure Acrylic Paints are perfect for impasto work and thick textured paintings! Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint is thick and rich and has the highest possible pigment load an acrylic paint. This line of paints has an incredible range of 96 brilliant colors including metallics and is available in 4 different sized tubes and jars. Paint sets are also available.


For the Stylist:

Every great artist needs a great brush and a top-of-the-line brush for the Acrylic Artist has to be a Pro Stroke Powercryl Brush! They can be used with any type of acrylic-from fluid to extra-heavy body. Each brush has a silky smooth feel, great absorbancy, and excellent rigidity. Power through the heaviest of acrylics with the utmost grace and control. The synthetic hair even will spring back into place after use so you know it’s made to last. Many different styles and sizes available.

For the Traditionalist:

For the picky artist looking for the highest quality paint, Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics make a wonderful gift. Featuring the finest triple-milled pigments and high quality acrylic polymer binder, Charvin Extra Fine Acrylics is a vibrant and versatile paint that performs impressively in both thin glazes as well as thick impasto. From now till the end of the year, these brilliant, creamy colors are available for up to 50% off list price. So, take advantage of our special holiday pricing and get the artist you’re shopping for what they really want: Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics.




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