Give Art This Valentines Day and Win

Chocolate and roses are great but your art lasts forever!

With Valentines Day right around the corner, you may be looking for a gift for that special man or woman in your life. Chocolate, cards and flowers are nice, but a bit cliche. Why not try for something that’s a little more special, something a bit out of the box and a little more creative to show her or him how special they truly are to you. Why not give them something that sincerely represents your love  and compassion for them-something like art!

This year, give them a gift from the heart, a piece of homemade art that symbolizes your affection. It’s a sentimental gift that lasts forever.  Last year, we were inspired as one of our own coworkers received a lovely painting as a Valentines Day Present. Here is her story:

He completely surprised me with the piece. It was of him and i holding hands, a photo a friend had actually taken of us on one of our first dates (it was a double date). I’ve always liked the picture, but I never thought that he would immortalize that moment so specially as he did. It makes me feel so warm and loved inside because of the time I knew it had to take to create such a piece. He even took the time and picked out a lovely frame. Every detail of it is so special and meaningful to us. I love him so much and its a painting that will I will always make me smile when I look at it.

There is nothing like art to show the way you feel about someone. This year, grab some paints such as our LUKAS 1862 Oil Paint or Matisse Structure Acrylics, and paint your loved one something beautiful that represents them. Portraits are always nice, but sometimes, scenes from particular memories or moments that represent your relationship are a nice touch. Then, go the extra mile and frame your piece with a beautiful Baldwin Wood Frame, Plein Aire Frame or Illusions Floater Frame to add a personal touch at a low cost. See All Picture Frames



Give them an art piece you made, frame it, and then share your love for them with everyone.

You can show us your art, tell us your love story and inspire others to give the gift of art this Valentines Day as well. Enter our 2014Valentines Day Art Contest and you can even win up to $150 in Jerry’s Artarama eGift cards. We also have a $75 eGift card for second place and a $25 eGift Card for third place. For inspiration, here are some of our current entries and their stories:

Exploring Consciousness by Angela Schwengler

My biggest inspiration is my boyfriend. He came into this world with childhood cancer and relapsed when he was a child as well. He has taught himself so much about becoming a healthy person and living the best life that he can. He does whatever he can to help people in need-because he was once in need- and he doesn’t care about getting money in return. I love him so much because of his selflessness and his willingness to be adventurous. He challenges himself in so many ways and hit makes me want to aspire to be like him.

I used a lot of love to paint this, but I also used acrylic paint, hands and paintbrushes. I worked on it for several days, and I finished it with one long all-day marathon at the end in the heat outside (where the best lighting is).

Love Story Lily IV by Sheila Heinen

Last year for Valentines Day, my husband of 25+ years brought me gorgeous Love Story Lilies. I was so impressed by their beauty that I painted a series of 4 mixed media acrylics. This is the last one in the series, executed by multiples pours over gold leaf.

We will accept entries from February 3rd-February 23rd, 2014. For a full list of official contest rules, information and other entries, check out our Valentines Day Contest Page and share your Valentines Day art as well for a chance to win.



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