Gift Sets Make the Best Presents

Gift Sets for All Types of Artists

We at Jerry’s are full of great gift ideas for this holiday season. One of our best ideas was to create some incredible sets for all types and skill levels of artists. With our gift sets, you’ll be ready to start working with different media such as oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, drawing, gouache and more. And one of the best parts about these sets is that if you purchase any of these new gift sets, your entire order from ships for free with the coupon code:SHIPSFREE at checkout.

We thought it would be good to profile just a few of our sets to show you how comprehensive they are and what a great value they can be to artists trying to learn about a certain field of study. So here are a few of our favorite gift sets to give for this holiday season:


SoHo Oils “Every Color Set”

This is probably the most comprehensive set we offer including the full line of SoHo oil colors (thats 55 colors) as well as a handy carrying box, 3 Pro Stroke White Bristle Brushes and a SoHo Plastic Palette Knife set. And its only $59.99 right now!

LUKAS 1862 Deluxe Wooden Set

No you can have the rich 145 year history of LUKAS oils at your fingertips in this convenient “treasure chest” that also includes all necessary oil mediums and even brushes and sketching charcoal. (pictured left)



Charvin Extra-Fine Artists’ Acrylic Wood Box Set of 11

Featuring the finest triple-milled pigments and high quality acrylic polymer binder, Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics are a vibrant and versatile paint that performs in both thin glazes and thick impasto. This incredible value gift set includes paints, brushes, palette, palette knives and more! (pictured right)

Artport Acrylics Set

This class act art supply box comes filled with high quality art supplies such as LUKAS Terzia acrylic paints, Creative Inspirations Dura-Handle Brushes, SoHo Palette knives and more. Now only $29.99, its an amazing value and great way to start painting with acrylics.


Strathmore Drawing Gift Set

In response to many artists’ requests, Strathmore has collected some of their highest quality and most unique papers to offer them in deluxe hardbound books for artists in virtually any media. This gift set comes with a Strathmore Mixed-Media sketchbook, Technoart Drawing Pens, Acurit Technical pens and a stencil to get you started with some of the best fine drawing pens available on the market. (pictured left)

SoHo Boat Bag Drawing Set

If you’re looking to get started drawing and sketching but want to do it at a great value, this set has everything you need. This set includes a set of Acurit Technical Pens, pencil and crayon sets, a sketchbook, erasers and a beautiful large SoHo boat bag to carry it all in.


Turner Watercolor Holiday Set

This festive holiday set includes a Turner Watercolor set of 18 beautiful colors, Fabriano 9×12″ watercolor block, Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Brush Set, and a Creative Mark Mesh Bag. (pictured right)

Artport Watercolor Set

If you are looking for a set of watercolor pans with everything else you need to paint with watercolors and an easy way to carry everything, this set is for you. It includes a Reflexions Hardbound Multimedia Journal, a Lukas Aquarell Studio Half Pan set of 12 watercolors, a Raffine Watercolor pencil set of 24, and watercolor brushes all housed in a sturdy Class Act art supply box.

Looking for more? We have a full page of art sets all found in one place on our Gift Sets Page. And remember, with purchase of our gift sets, your whole order from Jerry’s comes with free shipping with the coupon code! Happy Holidays.



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