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Gift Ideas for College Grads

Have a college student graduating in the next few weeks?  Stumped on what to get him or her? Jerry’s Artarama has great graduation gift ideas seniors will definitely appreciate as they transition into post-grad life.

Let’s start out simple. After four plus years of hard work, your graduate is going to want to show off his or her diploma. Display it in style with a Model T Certificate and Document Frame. The Model T Certificate Frames feature a 11/16″ boxed moulding and hold traditional sized(8.5″ x 11″) certificates. Every Model T Frame includes a 0.7mm thick, removable acrylic pane and fiberboard backing to protect your graduates pride and joy. Show off your grad’s credentials and diploma in a classic and professional style. These frames also provide a nice trim for pictures or other college memorabilia such as sports programs, pictures of friends, clubs and organizations.


Next, a nice notebook to keep your schedule in can make a great gift for the college graduate making the transition to the 9-5. Great for keeping schedules, notes, or just doodling during your lunch break, the Artist Survival Book makes for a great multipurpose tool for the industrial day to day. This book features a bonded leather cover, double-spiral bounding, 270 pages of acid-free heavy grade paper separated into plain, lined and guide-dotted sheets.

Another practical gift are Isomar Technoart Pens. Great for taking notes, drawing or designing, these pens make a terrific gift. Perfect for those transitioning into professions that require line applications like engineering, designing or architecture, if your graduate is in a a more graphically inclined, these pens will be a perfect fit. Most technical pens will draw a pretty heavy price. You may expect to pay up to forty five dollars per pen. But now at Jerry’s, you can find equal value pens for a third of the price!

Jerry’s has many products which would be perfect for graduation gifts. However, if you don’t know what kind of paints or brushes your graduating artist uses, or you’re not completely sure what exactly to get your graduate, eGift Cards to Jerry’s Artarama make a terrific gift! Let the person you buy one for decide what they need. They can spend them on office supplies or art supplies. Allow a person to continue creating their art after college by letting them buy the art supplies as they need them. Often the transition from college to post grad life means the loss of free time and a lack of disposable income for things like hobbies and creating art. A great way to combat that is to give them a convenient eGift Card to spend when and how they want it on art supplies.


Art supplies and frames can be great for practical real world application and fun gifts for leisure time. A beautiful frame can really make a diploma stand out on the wall of a home or office. Start a legacy of giving art and art supplies as meaningful gifts. What art supplies do you think make the greatest gifts for an event like Graduation? Let us know in the comments below, we always love to hear your feedback!





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