Famous Works of Art in Jack-O-Lanterns

We Found Your New Halloween Inspiration!


Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer Recreated by one of our own Employees


Inspired by what we saw at our own Houston Store (see above), we decided to scour the internet and see if we could find any famous works of art hidden in pumpkins. We found some real gems out there so please enjoy these famous works of art recreated in jack-o-lanterns, right in time for Halloween:

 1. A Pumpkin Inspired by Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci 


2. This Carefully Carved Pumpkin was Inspired by an MC Escher Block Print


3. You might not want to kiss this pumpkin inspired by Gustav Klimt


4. If you’re a Van Gogh fan, this jack-o-lantern is the perfect thing to light your way, even on a Starry Night.


5. You Wont See this Old Fashioned Gothic Couple Light Up When Trick-Or-Treaters Come to the Door


6. Dont Scream! This Pumpkin isn’t that scary 


7. Do We Call this one a David-o-Lantern?


8. This Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon are the Perfect Symbolism for a Night Perfect for the Whole Family. 


Consider yourself an artist with a pumpkin? Try your luck and enter the Jerry’s Artarama Pumpkin Contest!

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