The Animal-Friendly Alternative to Red Sable Brushes

Black Swan Red Sable Synthetic Brushes are soft and resilient brushes

If you’re looking for an animal-safe, synthetic brush that offers the same results as red sable fur, Black Swan Red Sable Synthetic Brushes are soft and resilient brushes that can be used with all wet media!

Created with finer synthetic filaments and stiffer filaments that are placed along the bottom of the brush to give it body, power and resiliency, the brush is strong and durable. Each brush features luscious, striking black synthetic bristles, seamless nickel-plated ferrules and durable matte-black wooden handles. The tip of each brush is dipped in high gloss black paint to make them easily recognizable among other brushes and highly iconic. 

Black Swan brushes stand above other synthetic oil and acrylic brushes because they can also be used in the effortless application of watercolors. See below how they offer solid, uniform delivery in all mediums.

Brushes for oil, acrylic and watercolor

Black Swan brushes also are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles like:

  • Angular (Sizes 4-14)
  • Fan (Sizes 2-8)
  • Filbert (Sizes 0-22)
  • Flat (Sizes 0-22)
  • Round (Sizes 0-20)
Angular, Fan, Filbert, Flat and Round Brushes

(Starting Left: Angular, Fan, Filbert, Flat and Round)

Black Swan brushes are also available in 5 convenient sets including the Black Swan Brush Long Handle Set of 15 brushes!

You will see the real benefit of Black Swan brushes when you paint. They are perfect for glazing and creating the most minimal brush strokes. They are also superior in their blending capability and will provide fine detail work in each of your paintings. They are also excellent for portraiture and the fine details of trompe l’oeil which uses realistic imagery to create depicted objects that appear to exist in three dimensions. 

VIDEO: Black Swan Brushes in Action

So if you find yourself in need of an animal-friendly, cruelty free synthetic brush that can be used in all paint media that will deliver exceptional results every time, look no further than Black Swan Synthetic Brushes: Soft, resilient, sable-like synthetic hair brushes!

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