Dragon*Con by Heather Goldstein


Once a year, all of us nerds come out of hiding.  Although there are tons of conventions similar to this, there is nothing quite like Dragon*Con.

This past weekend, I attended my first “Con.”  I couldn’t help but call my friends back home to say, “I found my people!”  From Hell Girl to Quail Man, to Waldo, and Robin high-fiving a Jedi, Con was a circus of super heroes and make believe!

Fans from all over the country come to talk about their “geekdom.”  My first day, waiting in line for my badge, I was asked, “so, what kind of nerd are you?”  There were panels for aspiring writers and artists, artist trading card sessions, robot battles, and lectures from famous actors, artists, and writers.

Spanning four hotels, Dragon*Con took over downtown Atlanta.  And for once, the freaks and nerds outnumbered the “normal” people.  Sitting outside the Marriott, a group of men in khakis and long sleeve blue button down shirts judgmentally stared at everyone in costume, but quickly changed their glare when they realized that they were not the norm in this crowd.  And on another occasion, LSU fans in town for the LSU vs. UNC game had the same reaction.  But hey, this was our weekend!

The diversity of the crowd was amazing and I loved the energy of the event.  There was so much appreciation and adoration for the artists and writers who created these iconic comics, movies, books, and TV shows.  Aspiring manga and comic book artists came to show the people they look up to samples of their work and sincerity and positivity for the most part.

I will never forget my time at Dragon*Con.  There is something to be said for finding others that share your passion.  This is true in all art forms and life.  To go back to the LSU fans; they are no different from the attendees of Dragon*Con.  Dressed in their favorite players jersey, sometimes face paint, or team colors at the very least, sports fans have their own costumes to express their fandom.  Although we look for ways to express our individuality, we also yearn for acceptance.  At Dragon*Con I got the best of both words: acceptance of individuality.

Friends I met in line:

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