Summer Creativity With Kids To Make Artistic Memories

The summer weather here at Jerry’s Artarama has been full of rainy days!

For many parents, summertime is an amazing chance to make lasting memories with their children. And if you’re in an area where it rains during the summer, you know that it’s easy for children to waste time sitting in front of the television or playing video games. Instead, why not spend that time to getting creative?

Making art together during the summer is an exciting way to inspire your child’s imagination and to engage them in a stimulating activity.

Whether it is drawing with colored pencils, painting abstract pieces with watercolors, or building sculptures and models, these will be mementos you can keep with you for years to come.

If you want a one-stop shop for lots of different projects that meet your child’s artistic aspirations, try out the First Impressions Complete Art Studio Set which features watercolors, colored pencils and pastels, all in a convenient carrying case.

Their childhood won’t be around forever, but your memories can be!

When you pick up the paintbrush with your child, not only are you encouraging a positive activity that will drive their creativity and imagination, but you are physically creating something that you can save that will be around to remind you of the good times you’re having together. Remember, their childhood wont be around forever.


Making those memories last!

As your child grows and enters adulthood, won’t it be nice to have some of their artwork preserved to hold onto and savor.

Acid-Free, archival storage for valuable art and memorabilia!
Acid-Free, archival storage for valuable art and memorabilia!

Make sure to keep that artwork safe in an Eternity Archival Clamshell Art & Photo Storage Box

You can look back at the rainy day art work and show them and their children someday the masterpieces you made together.

On these stormy days don’t waste the precious time you have with your children.

Instead, make memories you’ll want to keep forever.

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