Jerry’s has Shout Out Videos On Product Pages, Did You Know?

New advancements to website shows art supplies and attributes in use!

Did you know that the Jerry’s Artarama Website now has Shoutout videos that pop up when you roll your mouse over one section of a page? Certain descriptions/keywords will launch a quick video showing one of the incredible features or attributes of our products when you simply scroll over them with your mouse on our page. They can show you how our paint spreads, how well an eraser or pencil works, whatever the best features of a product are, we can now show you them without you even having to click on anything.  It’s like being in a store and seeing it “In Action”!

With a simple mouse scroll or click, you now have the power to see our products in action. This innovative new rollover video tool is just another way Jerry’s is out front in our effort to bring you the best ways to experience art products before you buy them. We make shopping even more exciting by bringing you the ability to see every aspect of a product in action.

video rollover shout out icon

When you see this icon you just need to scroll over the description and you will get a fully narrated video to show you how the product works.

We developed these rollovers or as we call them “Shout Outs”  to make ecommerce and product details more exciting and visual.  This new advanced way to see a very important attribute of a product demonstrates yet another way Jerry’s leads the pack when it comes to innovation and help for artists. As we embark on new features and advancements we will let you know about them right here!

For example, on our product page Cezanne Colored Pencil Set of 120, you can see the Rollover Icon: When you roll your mouse over the highlighted description:

Shout out rollover video player

Cezanne Colored Pencil Set of 120

We have added rollover videos to 1000’s of our art supplies online

We are always adding more “Shout Out” videos to our products everyday!

Keep a lookout for those icons because we will be adding thousands more to our art supplies! At Jerry’s, we strive to make your shopping experience a true pleasure.

Adding videos and features to our website like this are just one of the ways we aim to help you make the most informed decisions when shopping for art supplies. Have at it and enjoy!

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