Defining Urban Derivatives by TMNK

The streets are talking, and a NOBODY like me  is not only listening but is adding to the conversation with a unique and compelling style of art I call “URBAN DERIVATIVES.” Not content with simply “getting up” on walls and having my work seen and appreciated by the masses. And, while many find inspiration from their urban surroundings, I have begun to create art that is literally derived from the world around me. Much like his hip-hop predecessors, I’m sampling the visual poetry of urban street art, creating collaged imagery based not on magazine cut-outs, but cutouts from the streets. These new works that I call Urban Derivatives, documents and preserves urban contemporary  hieroglyphics, while adding my own unique and distinctive voice to this ongoing dialogue.

Perhaps, like impressionism, It will be come a movement that other artists will follow. Or not. I’m just happy to be leading, instead of following. Urban Derivatives for me is reinterpreting while preserving an exploding culture. It’s about creating art that connects, confronts, and interacts with the audience. I’ll be sharing some of my new works in this style in an exhibition that opens in Norway next week, but wanted to share it with all of you as well. Let me know what you think.

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