Beginners Watercolor Floral Wreath Video Tutorial

Welcome to Creative Adventures Episode 1: Beginners watercolor tutorial In this first In-Studio teaching episode of Creative Adventures with Made by Lisa Marie we will be learning how to paint with watercolors.

This video/class is recommended for beginners and artists who wish to improve upon their skill sets with watercolor painting. We will be learning how to paint a floral watercolor wreath (GREAT for a gift, a card cover, or room decoration–just add your favorite word or phrase in the middle :).

Follow along as I teach you step by step how to make this wreath watercolor and post any questions or comments you have below! Thanks 🙂

Beginners Watercolor Tutorial SUPPLY LIST:

Lukas Aquarel 1862 Watercolor Box Set

Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Block 140lb hot press 

Staedtler Fine Line Pencil

Vanish 4-in-1 Eraser

English Glazed Porcelain Slant Palette

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Credits: Video Editing: Lisa Kowieski Video Production: The Outbound Life ( Music: LETS GO SKIING (FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS) by JORM WOULD YOU FORGIVE (FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS) by JORM BROKEN (FREE MUSIC FOR VLOGS) by JORM

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