Congrats to Our Newest “My Story” Winners

Want to be featured on Tell us your story! 

Want to get your story out there or maybe share some artwork with other Artists? Well, then “My Story” is just for you!

Jerry’s wants to know how having access to a wide variety of the best art supplies at low prices has helped you in your artistic journey. We get so many comments from art teachers, students, professional artists and so many beloved customers who have shared their stories and told us exactly how we have provided for them the art supplies that are making their dreams come true. Share your story, share your art, and you can be featured and win an eGift Card, just like our newest winner:

Marlene even shared some of her artwork with all of us!

Other Featured Stories

 Read the full stories here.

If you would like to be featured yourself, share your art, or just your story, click on over to and share your story today!



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