Try Coloring: The Best for Dealing with Stress

Cut Down on Stress with a Coloring with Colored Pencils

Cut Down on Stress with a Colouring Book

A new craze is taking over France for all those looking to de-stress their lives: coloring in coloring books. These new adult colouring books have been popping up left and right and French doctors are actually prescribing women coloring time in order to relieve stress from their every day lives. .

Doctors have been searching for a different solution to the problem of over-stressing since France currently leads every other country in the amount of the population on anti-depressants. Even art companies are now listing their coloring books as “art therapy” and as “stress relief”

Many see coloring as a form of active meditation and if you spend about half an hour simply coloring each day, you will feel better. Coloring gives people a creative outlet as well as a low-stress concentration and exertion with bright colors that can lower anxiety. Coloring also lets the brain free up thoughts to think about people value in life and divert energy into something constructive.

Family time creating art and coloring together

Coloring in books has also been seen as a better form of stress release than watching television or playing video games which do relieve stress, but not for a prolonged time.  

Feel like trying this new stress reducing method out for yourself?

Jerry’s Artarama has a wide selection of colored pencils from Faber-Castell Polychromos with high lightfast ratings, to Cezanne Premium Colored Pencil Sets with their smooth consistency and 120 vibrant colors.

Jerry’s also has a new line of much anticipated, adult colouring books coming soon from Pepin. Pepin Colouring Books feature light line guides, superior, acid-free drawing paper and stunning designs and themes from around the world.

Pepin Coloring Books

Jerry’s would love to know how coloring and art helps you relieve your stress and anxiety, so tell us all about it in the comments below!

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