Whats the Buzz on Charvin Acrylics and the Ultimate Acrylic Brushes

Charvin Extra-Fine Artists’ Acrylics & Pro Stroke Powercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes

In today’s round of Whats the Buzz we’ll look at some of our favorite products for Acrylic painters. We have the Charvin Extra-Fine Artists’ Acrylics and the Pro Stroke Powercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes. Charvin acrylics are known for being highly pigmented and the Pro Stroke Powercryl brushes are just the thing to spread them over a panel or canvas. Now, lets put them to the test and see what you had to say about these in this week’s Whats the Buzz!

First Up are the Charvin Extra-Fine Artists’ Acrylics. Acrylic painters are going crazy for these European paints, and why not, they are easy to use and dry faster than oil paints. But, don’t take our word for it, see what real artists are buzzing about the Charvin Extra-Fine Artist Acrylics:

The extra-fine acrylic paints are as good as any I have used. This paint has to be on a really good sale to be competitive for price so they are not for someone on a super tight budget. My experience with Charvin Oils made me try the acrylics.” -Pooj, WA

“I have been an artist for 25 years, I just tried this product and find these paints work well with what I am doing. The colors are fun, and easy to blend. I would buy them again.” -Artlady727, FL

“I just started testing the Charvin Acrylics out on some of my new abstract pieces and really love the richness of these paints. They glide on like butter but yet retain their pigment value when I used thinner applications. Price is a little higher than what I can use for painting on a wider base, but when I want to ‘treat myself’ to some of the best paints out there, I know exactly which brand I will turn to! -JodiO., NC

“I love painting with Charvin Acrylics and its smooth texture of oil. -Cielo, FL

Wow, a great texture and as the name states, their extra-fine consistency seem to be what Artists love about the Charvin Extra-Fine Artists’ Acrylics. And next time you decide to “treat yourself” to an Acrylic paint, make sure its this one!


Painted with Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics

Next Up are the Pro Stoke Powercryl Ultimate Acrylic Brushes. If you’re looking for the perfect acrylic brush, then your search is over right here. Artists have been buzzing about how great it is at absorbing paints and how it spreads on paint silky smooth. Now lets hear from the artists themselves:

“Painting goes so much easier with my Pro Stroke Powercryl Filbert brushes. They clean up well and even hold up to my scumbling techniques. The Filbert shape is the secret to getting detail from a larger brush.” -Kar, AZ

The Powercryl family just right for laying down those confident strokes that forever retain the mark of the brush…a good transition of natural hog bristles into the water-friendly world of synthetics” -Dave, MA

An artist painting with Pro Stroke Powercryls.

“The hairs themselves seem to take paint well even with a juicy acrylic and lay down a good controllable line. These are easily 4-5 Star brushes when price vs. competition is factored in.” -Muvs, MD

So, for a synthetic brush they hold up great and spread down paint smoothly; everything we want in a brush! Be sure to stay on the lookout for your own product reviews as we search for more and more of our favorite products next week on Whats the Buzz!

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