Draw on Anything with GOLDEN Grounds

Turn any surface into a drawing surface with GOLDEN Acrylic Grounds and Mediums! According to a recent survey conducted by NAMTA*, over 2/3 of all artists regularly draw. Because of its accessibility, immediacy and portability, many artists who enjoy drawing have limited experience with other media. Acrylic mediums provide a bridge from drawing on sheets of paper to drawing on much larger substrates, traditional prepared surfaces like canvas and panel, or found objects and dimensional surfaces. The ability to create a surface suitable for pencil, pastel, charcoal, marker or watercolor also brings new flexibility to the creative process and p... [More]

What Kind of Paint Should I Use - Part 2 - Specialty Paints

  Adventures in alternative painting mediums! Previously, when discussing which paint to use, we dealt with the top three mediums most popular in painting today: oil paints, acrylics, and watercolors. However, there are so many more to choose from! Painting was around for thousands of years before modern paints were, and while the most basic — as on cave walls — is simple pigment mixed with a binder — people were using advanced and beautiful paints long before even oil colors were developed. Sometimes we forget that today's most popular paints are, comparatively, brand new. Acrylics were only invented in the mid-20th ce... [More]

What Kind of Paint Should I Use

  Which paint is right for you? Comparing watercolor, oil, and acrylic How to Decide What Paint to Use People often ask: What's the "best" or "most popular" type of paint to use? This is a question that virtually has no definitive answer. Not what you wanted to hear? Don't worry; we're here to give you some pointers! The fact is that the "best" paint to use depends on the skill and patience of the painter, and also the type of "look" desired. Different paints will give a different type of character to the subject of the painting, and evoke different types of emotions from an audience. For example, watercolor often lends to a more muted,... [More]

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