Announcing the 2014 Valentines Day Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners!   Chocolate and Roses are great Valentines Day gifts, but soon after V-Day, they're gone. Your art is a labor of love and lasts forever! We had many contestants show us their art and tell us their story and then we let you viewers pick the winners. While everyone who gives and receives art are winners, you all chose these three to be our winners in our 2014 Valentines Day Art Contest.    First Place Winner "Daylily" by Michelle Irizarry "I painted this daylily as a gift for my mom who has been there for me for years as I battle a long-term illness...without her help and unde... [More]

Matisse Derivan Create Your Color Contest 2014

Create Your Color Contest - Win a trip for 2 to Australia! Have you ever wondered, "Why don't they already make this color? I'm constantly having to mix it myself, and it sure would be convenient if I could buy it right off the shelf." Matisse Derivan and Jerry's Artarama want to help you solve this problem! But first they need your help. Matisse is the premier maker of the finest line of acrylic paints. Using any brand or combination of brands of acrylic paints, you can help them find the perfect new color for their palette and sold exclusively on the Jerry's Artarama web site. If you have mixed the perfect color, you can enter it for ... [More]

Announcing Jerry's 2nd Annual Self Portrait Contest- Enter Now!

  2014 Self Portrait Contest - up to $4000 in Prizes could be yours!  Jerry's Artarama is once again excited to announce it's second annual Self-Portrait Contest with up to $4000 in prizes. We had such a great turnout with last year's contest (over 1900 Entries, WOW!!!) that we wanted to start the year off right again with another great self portrait contest! So from now until April 6th, you can enter your own self portrait submission on our Jerry's Artarama Facebook Page. Our rules for the contest are simple: pick any wet or dry media (acrylics, oils, watercolors, colored pencils, pastels, you choose!), then paint or draw a pictur... [More]

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