Carnegie Mellon School of Art – #7 Art Schools in Jerry’s Top 10

#7 Carnegie Mellon School of Fine Art

 Jerry’s Artarama has always supported art education and so this year we wanted to show our support of some of the finest in higher art education available in the United States by honoring some of the best schools in our list of the 10 Best Art Schools in the Country.

Coming it at 7 on our list is Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Fine Art.

Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art is often highly ranked for top art schools being #1 in Art and Design Multimedia programs and #7 in Fine Art programs by US News & World Report. The school pretty heavily pushes for an interdisciplinary education between art and technology over classical studies to better prepare its students for the ever-changing job market and global culture.

Classes at the School of Art foster hybrid forms of art as well as pushing boundaries between art forms and working creatively.  Students at CMU are constantly contributing to both CMU’s and Pittsburgh’s Art scene and creative community.

The Breakdown

  • Professors- All professors are notable practicing artists or scholars. Faculty push students at Carnegie Mellon to study a hybrid of technology and art over classical art studies to be better prepped for the global market.
  • Notable Alumnus- Professional Artist Andy Warhol, sculptor and printmaker Jonahtan Borofsky, American painter Philip Pearlstein, artist Ryan McGinnis, and actors Ted Danson, Holly Hunter and Zachary Quinto.
  • Local flavor- CMU art students contribute to campus and city creative hot spots such as the CFA & DH Hallways, the Ellis Gallery and The FRAME Gallery
  • Currently on Display- The best places to find student art are The Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry and The Miller Gallery.

Art  from the Unsmoke Systems Artspace in Pittsburgh 

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