Call it what you want by TMNK

Rat Race
Mixed Media on Masonite

I’m not much into labels. I simply try to express a thought or a feeling in some form of visual permanence. But when listing my work in catalogs and exhibitions, the term mixed-media is most often used. Mixed-media? Yes, I deploy a mash-up of mediums in the creation of my art. Basically, I use any and everything that leaves a permanent mark, crayons, paint, pencil, pen, spray paint, collages, ink jet printers – anything and everything.

Figurative? Impressionist? Neo-expressionist? Low Brow? While perhaps they help art critics and historians better categorize and understand the influences behind the art, for me, these are limiting boundaries; creative restraints designed to put an artist in a specific box.

For me each tool, medium, texture, and color offers an opportunity for spontaneous discovery and exploration. So, in the process I’ve used silk screening, collage, acrylic, oil sticks, acrylics, oils, and watercolor. I recently used an empty toilet tissue roll in a painting to express human frailty, vulnerability, an dependence on one another. For me it was the perfect symbol to express a commonality we all share. It was for me the perfect visual vehicle to express the thought that, regardless of race, religion, or financial status we all at some point in our life need someone to help us with our basic needs. Regardless of the medium being used to mark with or mark on. It’s more about the idea, the thought, the journey.

Call it what you want. I call them scribblings, urban hieroglyphics, just one voice amongst many busting out of the claustrophobic box of conformity.

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