Bigger Really IS Better with GOLDEN Acrylics

Save up to 44% on a Bigger Jar!

Did you know that all GOLDEN Artist Colors are intentionally priced to add value as you go up in size? Each time you buy a bigger container of a particular product, the ounce for ounce savings increases too.

GOLDEN Acrylics offer some of the most imaginative colors, lines and textures available with pure pigments.

They contain no fillers, extenders or opacifiers and are made in the USA. And greatest of all, GOLDEN can save you money on top artist quality acrylics. 

save with larger size golden acrylic colors

On average, artists can save 15% by buying a 16 oz. GOLDEN Acrylic Gel Mediums instead of an 8 oz. Gel, but if you opt for the 32 oz. size over an 8 oz., theres a whopping 38% savings! Its like getting an 8 oz. free!

The same idea works for all the colors. For example, buying a 5 oz. tube of GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics Hansa Yellow Medium represents a 28% savings over the same color in a 2 oz. tube.

Go to the bigger sizes, such as 8 or 16 oz. color and the savings keep rolling in. Go big and save with larger sizes of GOLDEN Artist Acrylics!

Golden Heavy body acrylics
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