Best Dog Art

Celebrating Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have long been an inspiration for men, whether its in terms of survival in books like Call of the Wild and White Fang or more as a sign of comfort and companionship like in Marmaduke or Hachi. To dog owners, there is nothing like the companionship or love or loyalty that a dog can provide and artists such as Pablo Picasso and Norman Rockwell knew that. To celebrate this bond between man and beast, here are some of the best examples of art celebrating man’s best friend.

1. Pablo Picasso- “Dog” Line Drawing

2. Norman Rockwell- “Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon”


3. Andy Warhol- “Dachshund Print”



4.  George Rodrigue-  “Blue Dogs”

5. Jim Killen- Portraits of Sporting Dogs


6. Gail Kelley- Good Dog Art


7. John Silver- “The Last Biscuit”


8. Pierre-Auguste Renoir- “Madame Renoir with a Dog”


9. Edouard Manet- “A King Charles Spaniel”


10. Cassius Coolidge- “Waterloo”

Who is your favorite dog artist? Let us know in the comments below!

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