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If you havent tried LUKAS paints, you're missing out. LUKAS paints have amazing quality, incomparable color intensity, a brilliant color spectrum and high pigments. From oils to acrylics to watercolors, the paints produced by the German paint-maker have been pleasing artists for almost 150 years. From their founding in Dusseldorf in 1862 to now, LUKAS Artist Colors has kept its reputation as a "true artists paints".

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Hey Teachers!

For teachers, LUKAS paints are the best options for students. Why would you have your students spend more money on hobby paints to learn to paint when they can get LUKAS brand paints for less money and at a much higher quality? LUKAS paints are a much better quality than those cheap hobby paints. With a higher pigment load, more brilliant colors and great, smooth consistencies, students can learn with a better paint and not have to worry about high costs for the quality. Instead, students can paint and learn with much better quality paint.

Teachers, make the wise choice. Have your students paint with LUKAS! 

Did You Know?

  • Fact: Van Gogh used LUKAS 1862 Oils.
  • Fact: Over 150 years old.
  • Fact: Premium quality paint out of Europe.
  • Fact:Dries reasonably in 2-4 days.
  • Fact: Contains beeswax.

Now you know!


Here's what people have said about LUKAS:

"I have been really pleased with LUKAS Pastos. The colors are true and the consistency makes it easy to spread and blend. I especially love the indigo blue color. I have extensive experience with many brands and this one is a great value. I would not hesitate to recommend these paints to other artists."

"It's a great product for the money. You get a lot in a tube and the colors usually have a nice and smooth consistency. I especially love the White."

"Compared this paint to the other "high end" paints over the years and I keep coming back to it, just cannot beat it! Strong color, it handles beautifully, color has not faded over the years. It dries quickly, especially the darker pigments, but is still workable at least 24 hours later. If you use a lot of paint especially, this paint is a must. You wont beat the price!"

To find out more about Jerry's sale on LUKAS products, check out our LUKAS Paints Lucky 7 deal!




A Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Vicki Gould

Professional Painter Vicki Gould uses SoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors to create a gorgeous, realistic tiger!

In her Artist Spotlight, we introduced Vicki Gould, an award-winning oil painter. From her experience, she finds that no other oil paints out SoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors for her style of painting. SoHo Oil colors provide a smooth color application and a soft, even consistency. They are a great paint to start learning with and perfect for painters on a budget. 


Vicki Gould didn't have the chance to try SoHo oil paints until recently. Vicki found them to be very smooth and needing very little medium. The color and saturation is better than most oils and at a much better value. Vicki likes to promote art in her community with the students and women in the area. When Vicki moved to the rural Kentucky countryside she wasn't sure she would find any arena for promoting art. However, what she found was that the community was abundant with artists, from folk to sculpture to fine art. Several of the community leaders have made great efforts in promoting all local artists and as a result the FEAT (Foothills Eco-Agri Tourism) organization was developed.

Laurel Gorge became an outlet for the sale of of art and has helped people recognize the talent located within our community. Vicki enters her paintings in local art shows and has sold several to local businesses. As a young child she had great interest in drawing and would add her own drawings to her school work. Vicki put aside her interest in drawing to raise a family and with much encouragement she decided to try moving forward from drawing to painting. She joined several other artists in the studio of Keith Klein where she honed her skills and shared techniques with the group. Vicki has donated works to auction for charity. She believes in community service and is an advocate for the art community. 

Materials needed for this project from SoHo Oil Colors:

  • Burnt Sienna
  • Red Orange
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Gamboge
  • Lamp Black
  • Zinc White
  •  Fredrix Canvas 16x20
  • Oil Brushes
  • Palette Knife

Step 1

Transfer onto canvas, I use several reference pictures to determine perspective and placement. I usually draw my image directly on the canvas. But you can use tracing paper or a graft. Once I have placed my image where I would like it I can start filling in the image.



Step 2


I started with the eyes and worked from there filling in the face and torso. I used SoHo Oil Paints Burnt Sienna, Red Orange and Gamboge mixed to make the body color and SoHo Lamp Black for the stripes and ears. 



Step 3

After you finish covering the torso, you can paint the background. I find a dark or black background can bring out the colors much better than a jungle theme. I used SoHo Lamp Black for the background and found it goes on very smooth and doesn't look dusty or dried out when it dries.


Step 4

Now I started to paint in the stripes and start to refine the eyes and around the mouth. Now I need to set the painting aside to dry so the black wont bleed into my other colors when doing the fur.





Step 5

In this step you will refine to color by using White, Burnt Sienna, Yellow, Red, and Yellow Ochre. I use a fan brush to help get the feathered look of fur. I also placed the whiskers and improved the eye structure. I also touched up the background. All that is left to do is let it dry and follow up with a retouch varnish of your choice. Then, all you need to do is find the perfect frame!



This painting came together extremely well! Try it yourself with SoHo Urban Artist Oil Colors and let us know how it comes out! 



Acrylic Painter Vicki Gould in Jerry's Artist Spotlight

Introducing Vicki Gould

Vicki Gould was born and reared in southern, rural Indiana but has deep Kentucky roots. Her father's family was longtime residents of Carter County, Kentucky and her mother's family called Clay County, KY their home for many years. Vicki currently lives on a small hilltop farm in wester Elliot County where she enjoys tending chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and her beautiful Golden Retrievers. Vicki loves outdoor activities like fishing and simply admiring and enjoying the beauty of nature.

As a young child, Vicki had a great interest in drawing and would add her own drawings to her school work. Vicki put aside her interest in drawing to raise a family. With her lifelong passion for drawing, her family and friends inspired and encouraged her to start drawing again.

 An Impressionistic Trail in Eastern Kentucky.

Getting Reintroduced to Art

While Vicki has loved drawing all her life, she only recently began painting about ten years ago. She started her painting under the tutelage of Keith Klein in his Florence, KY studio. Vicki works exclusively in oils and mostly enjoys painting in the Impressionist style. Monet and Renoir are among her favorite impressionists. Vicki also loves the paintings of Rembrandt and is overwhelmed by his technical flawlessness and his ability render subjects absolutely realistically.

Vicki loves painting with SoHo Urban Artist Oils. She just recently began painting with them, but has found them to be incredibly smooth with little need for additional mediums. SoHo Oil paints give her the color saturation and consistency to paint in either the realistic or impressionistic style. 


This painting is a still life in a realistic style.

 Awards and Acclaim

Vicki has been painting since 2001. She was won several ribbons in juried art shows having recently won Best of Show Non-Professional, in Morehead, KY. Although she did not initially think she would find any arenas promoting art in her rural area, she instead found an abundance of artists who specialize in everything from folk art to sculpture to fine art. She has been featured in the Art Center at Laurel Gorge and at the art gallery "Gemini" in Illinois. Vicki has paintings all over the United States and also in London, England and Moscow, Russia. Vicki is a member of the Tourism board, Women's club and Foothills Eco-Agri Tourism (FEAT). She also enjoys promoting art in her community with the students and women in the areas near her farm.

To see an example of Vicki's paintings and follow along with her step-by-step in an example of realism, check out her creation with Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Vicki Gould!

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