August Artist of the Month – Renae Schoeffel

Renae Schoeffel is a world-wide collected, self-taught, emerging abstract artist who finds inspiration through many different avenues, anything she sees, from the universe and it’s unbelievable displays, the cinema, the earth and nature.  There are so many beautiful colors in the world and finding new ways to bring them together is her mission.

Renae’s journey toward becoming a full time artist began very young with her mother. She instilled a love of many art forms with her own love of creation through doll making with clay and nylon, as well as, portrait sketches. Through the years, Renae developed a love of many different art forms from crochet work, wood-burning, jewelry making, to figure drawing with charcoal on paper. In all of these creative endeavors, painting has become her true passion.  Renae loves the freedom of expression that she finds through creating something from a blank canvas. Oftentimes, she begins painting without any particular vision in mind. It is amazing what can transpire when you free your mind of restrictions and uniformity and allow the creative process to take over.

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and Renae’s goal as an artist is to inspire you, to create a sense of longing for beautiful things, to make you fall in love with what you see, and to make that vision a dream that speaks only to you.


Renae Schoeffel Art

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