Artist Review of Fredrix Nature Core Paint Boards

Fredrix Archival Nature Core Paint Boards – An Artist’s Testimonial

New Nature Core Paint Boards from world-renowned canvas makers Fredrix are an innovative and environmentally friendly new addition to the art supply world! Read below to learn more about this unique new painting surface from an artist like you!

Artist Annie VanEngelen, Who am I?

Hi! I am Annie VanEngelen, artist, teacher, product tester/destroyer, creative resource… depending on who you ask! I’ve been in the world of art from a very young age, as a helper, student, teacher, tester, trainer, and as a community, public, and professional artist. I have also worked for artists, art stores, and manufacturers. I thought you might benefit from some of my knowledge, so here goes!

Let me just start with: I’m a huge fan of Fredrix Nature Core Paint Boards! The strength, versatility and forgiving nature of this surface is exceptional

Linen and Mixed Media Nature Core Paint Boards by Fredrix Artist Canvas

Why do I love it?  Both surfaces are: 

DURABLEFredrix Nature Core Paint Boards are super tough! I have been able to identify the best traits and worst of any given product, and have the capability to destroy nearly every surface I’ve been handed over the years. I think you should understand limitations of any product, and I am always pushing the envelope. I have to admit I haven’t been able to “destroy” this product yet (but never say never, I am persistent and still trying!). I have soaked, poked, poured, rolled, stained, washed, wired, layered, knifed, scratched, taped, masked, screwed, glued, heated, scraped, screened and more on Nature Core boards, all without destroying the surface. Wow…this is super cool stuff!

LIGHTWEIGHTMuch lighter weight than traditional stretched canvas or wrapped panels — easy to store, pack, and carry; great for the studio or plein air!

TIGHTFredrix Nature Core Paint Boards have a flat, rigid, smooth, even surface with nice neat edges and perfect corner folds, never loose, saggy, or in need of re-stretching.

SIDE-WRAPPED – You can paint on all sides of the board, extending your image area. This is a great feature, especially if you use a floater frame or no frame at all.

ARCHIVAL – Nature Core boards are made with the ever-dependable Fredrix artist canvas we all know and love. It won’t yellow, bubble, warp or deteriorate… After all, you should have every confidence that your masterpieces will outlast you and survive for generations to come. Trust me, make the investment in the good stuffyou’ll thank me later!

ECO-FRIENDLY – The insides of Fredrix Nature Core boards are made from recycled materials and plant-based foam. I would rather use products that don’t hurt the earth or me and every lil’ bit helps!

Artwork shown by Annie VanEngelen on Fredrix Nature Core Paint Boards.

Fredrix Nature Core Archival Paint Boards are available in two versatile surfaces:

Belgian Linen: Classic primed linen surface with a medium texture: not too much texture, not too little — just right! Great for acrylic, enamel, alkyd, water-soluble and traditional oil paint.

Mixed Media: This smooth, flawless canvas has a soft, sexy surface that is a true multimedia product great for pencil, pastel, ink, watercolor, watercolor sticks, tempera, dye, acrylic, enamel, encaustic, wax, alkyd, water soluble and traditional oil paint, Also smooth enough to screenprint, airbrush, and pour paint.

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